Sweet Twilight - Justice


This came up for me in a reading this morning.

In that context it ment 'you are trying so hard to control everything around you that you are missing what's out there'

Justice is part of a musical stave it seems, she's got all her focus on producing some notes and at the same time holding the balance steady above her (the stave and the balance are part of her).

There's a snake with a sword in the background. Is he sneaking off to administer some summary justice to someone while her back is turned?


Justice has her hands full, making sure the music of the spheres is always in perfect harmony and that balance is maintained in the world. This job is made harder bcause so many others think that they need to do it, too.


I think this is my most favourite Justice ever.
To quote pianist Karl Paulnack: " Music has a way of finding the big, invisible, moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us." This is to me what Justice is really about.


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It is beautiful isn't it?

The card came up in a 'this is what you are doing wrong' sort of a position which, along with oher contextual things, is why it had that interpretation.

I love your quote. It fits the card perfectly.


Aerin said:
I love your quote. It fits the card perfectly.
Yes it does, doesn´t it? I don´t think Justice is about simple "right or wrong" things and about legal matters and such. Well, okay, it can be all that, of course, but I mean that this card goes way deeper. Things are relative. Those "big pieces" are moving slowly and finding new positions and new configurations. It´s all a big mystery really and this Justice is very mysterious. She is not the old world lawgiver but something much more.