Sweet Twilight -- Knave of Swords


As ever with Sweet Twilight, I love the images but they seem to portray the exact opposite of how I think of tarot. To me the knave of swords is uncompromising and steadfast. In ToST we see someone moving forward reluctantly with his sword being pushed on by a more confident girl behind. The LWB says "The ideals of truth, of justice! At least once in our lives, these ideals, or a reasonable facsimile, become our focus and our quest. At these times, nothing else matters and we will not be distracted." Even if we are getting some poor lad to do the dirty work for us!


Here is a picture


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I see her as trying to distract him somehow, or else comfort him, but not to push him on. He seems determined to go ahed.

Interesting how the pictures can be taken differently isn't it?


I do not see this guy as a Knave of Swords. He goes against everything I always thought about this card. Could it possibly be that she is really the Knave of Swords getting this goofy guy to do her dirty work?


Now THAT'S a clever idea, magicjack! That works for me.

(I'd forgotten how horribly ugly this deck is. I must get round to selling it!)


Now THAT'S a clever idea, magicjack! That works for me.

(I'd forgotten how horribly ugly this deck is. I must get round to selling it!)

I understand what you are saying about this deck. If I was a teen age girl in high school I might connect with it more. Or maybe it's more appropriate deck to read for a teen age girl. I don't exactly hate it and I haven't totally given up on it (yet) and I can also understand why some would like it. Yet I doubt it's ever going to become a favorite deck of mine. I'm quite puzzled with some of the cards. I mean, how about that King of Swords!


Sorry I got off topic up there but back to the Knave of Swords, what would the meaning of the squirrel be?

ana luisa

Taste really IS subjective. I love this deck and I only WISH I were a teenager :D When I got this deck , I gave up reading the names of the cards. Simply. I sometimes do but mostly, I analyze the expressions. This guy, to me is not reluctant AT ALL, he is cunning and playing it for the girl. He is probably thinking, let me pretend I am weak/fragile, and fearful so she will coax me and be by my side. Chicks like guys like that. Besides, she will think she was the one responsible for making me do it !
As to he mouse, it reflects his mousy personality. The one he's trying to sell, that is.


I guess we could all agree, whoever is the Knave of Swords in this card, something sneaky is going on.

Girl Archer

If this came up for a girl as an obstacle to her finding love, would you say she is nudging the guy too hard or she is chasing after him and instead should relax and be pursued? Or she should stop giving off such strong vibes?

To me, it looks like he is off on his lofty quest, and she is either trying to hold him back or catch his attention, maybe she is trying to tell him something. Maybe to be safe, or some such last minute sweet nothing. (which in this case, is something that means nothing :laugh: )