Sweet Twilight- Knave of Wands


This card shows a man in the middle of a desert playing a guitar. He's dress looks like some kind of old-fashioned minstrel. Maybe he probably travels a lot and lives off his music, but here he is alone simply enjoying the sound of his own playing. He plays for the passion and joy of it.

I think of this card like the beginning of writing a book when it's all new and shiny and I'm riding on the high of the idea before I get to the slog of the middle where I hate the book and want to write something else instead.
The idea can be applied to anything, probably.

I think this card could also be about having more passion than wisdom or skill since he isn't actually playing for anyone else maybe he isn't good enough yet.


I think it shows somebody who is alone, but couldn't be more content. He's entertaining himself in the middle of the desert. He doesn't look like he has a care in the world. Maybe it's a card signifying the peace that we can only find within ourselves.


I see him as being taken with the inspiration to compose something, he looks a bit Paul McCartney to me for some reason. He's in the middle of writing a new song about his adventures (or someone else's)?


I see someone with a vivid imagination who is practicing. He wants to play for others but hasn't quite worked up the nerve. Maybe because the song is new or he hasn't played the instrument for long. He went somewhere totally alone to try and get better. I think this speaks heavily on the knave as the beginning of a new "higher" endeavor. The pyramids in the background also reinforce this. There's a sacred place nearby but he's not there yet.