Sweet Twilight - Nine of Wands


I love this little warrior girl! It is unusual that there is a big sword in a card of wands, though. The sword has bird heads (swans?) in the handle. The only other sword like this is in the Ace of Swords where the girl also looks very similar. Maybe they are sisters or maybe it is the same girl?

The 9 wands are in the background as if they were not very important. They are in the past. The girl has left them behind and is moving on. The LWB says that the wands were some great effort and they represent the tiredness that has followed this effort, and that she has left them behibd.
There is something that looks like a shadowy mouse in the foreground. The girl doesn´t seem to notice this. However, it looks a bit like she could kill the mouse with the sword. You know, like killing a spider with a shotgun: over reacting, using too much force in some situation, being filled with energy which has no creative outlet and which starts to burst out from the seams.


She's feeling a sweet glow of success having overcome some poblems on the way.

Have a look at the 9 of Chalices - there, she's seeing what she wants: here, she's got it.

They work well together these two cards.