Sweet Twilight - Queen of Chalices


I think I need help to understand this card. What does she have in her mouth? Is is something to bind her hair with? Does it have some significance here? And what are the things in front of her? A toy?

At first I thought there´s a doll in the background but it seems to be this same queen reflected in a mirror. Is the other round object in front of her also a mirror? (the green thing) She is turning away from the mirror and the LWB says that it would be vain to gaze in the mirror. She is gazing at someone she loves instead.

Somehow this card with this child queen looks a bit shallow. Or maybe I just haven´t discovered the message that is hidden here?


I think that's her necklace in her mouth, like one of those unconcious tics some people have. In spite of her youth the expression on her face reminds me of a mother looking at her child. She loves unconditionally and the warm background adds to the feeling. The world lights up because she loves.


The LWB talks about gazing at someone you love as against gazing at your own reflection.

Is the small person turned away her reflection, which is now smaller and less important because it isn't the focus of her attention any more?


Oh, it is *so* similar! :bugeyed: Maybe it is not a coincidence? There are other similarities like this one in the deck. (see six of swords for one)


It's interesting; this idea about how she is gazing at someone she loves rather than her own reflection...

I see this as her finding an expanded view of her reality. It's as though she is staring above the horizon, looking up into the sky, toward the light streaming from the sun. She's in love with life. She's seeing the bigger picture, and she sees beauty and splendor. The light streaming from the sun appears to her like a sun-shower of cosmic flowers. Like a rainbow, a sun shower is such a rare occurrence in which it happens to rain in one part of the sky but the sun is still shining in another... Has anyone seen this occur? I have once before, and it was really quite beautiful to see the sunlight illuminating the raindrops... like glowing drops of liquid sunshine. :)

We often look at storms as being something we need to see through and beyond. "Yes, I will get through this storm in my life. This too shall pass... It may be dark and raining right now, but there is something to learn here, and that is something I can appreciate during these dark times... This rain waters the flowers that will bloom, and the sun will come out eventually. It's shining behind those clouds."

Through her heart, she's seeing beyond the "good" and the "bad" and seeing the balance in the whole. Instead of seeing gloomy raindrops, her vision "skips" ahead to seeing the flowers that will grow. And knowing this, they look to her like shooting stars, and she feels just as lucky.

I'm also reminded of how sometimes after someone has done a performance, the audience throws flowers at the stage. It's like she is the performer. She's seeing beyond the mirror, beyond her doll-like puppet-like body, within and beyond her physical existence... She sees the world showering her with beauty and blessings.

And yet this card can also have a darker meaning. One of the flowers is a moon instead of a star, as though an illusion is bound to take root... Maybe she's got her head in the clouds a little too far out. Maybe she's so zoomed out that she's overlooking the details and she's not grounded enough.