Sweet Twilight -Ten of Swords


Another little warrior girl. She is a ´samurai´with the Japanese sword and the flowers and her posture is also very Japanese. She has adorable little wings on her back, the same color as her hair. She is mourning a loss. She may be bringing flowers to her ancestor´s grave or mourning something else. It is dawn and the sun is right below the horizon. Soon she will no longer be able to sit here or she´ll be blinded by the light of the sun.
There´s an exciting shadow of a bat right behind her which she herself is a part of.


When I asked my deck what it had to teach me this is the card that came up. The thought that immediately popped into my head was "There is beauty in sorrow."

I think sometimes people expect life to be happy happy all the time and if they feel sad sometimes they panic which starts a downward spiral from mere sadness into depression. This card reminds me that life has cycles and I need to appreciate that.

A graveyard is a final resting place and she's come respectfully.

I never noticed the bat shadow until you pointed it out! She's a child of the twilight?


turtlebite said:
The thought that immediately popped into my head was "There is beauty in sorrow."
Absolutely! And there is also always sorrow in true beauty. Beauty is often transient and tied to a moment, like beautiful music or a beautiful twilight moment...


It looks to me as if the small circle on base of the monument is like the warrior child's head. I wonder if she is grown up and mourning for the loss of her own childhood - or some other part of her that can't dance the same as the statue.

But when the dawn comes she will dance once again.