Sweet Twilight-Three of Pentacles


To me this looks like the other girl is bursting with creativity (fire in her hair) and new ideas. The other one is sad and she may be even a little envious because she isn´t like that.
They both have their pentacles that were given to them from above but only the creative girl has been able to make a third one herself with her energy.

The LWB talks about "meeting of minds" and "entwining of hearts" but to me this looks almost like the opposite.
There is a big wand or rod separating the girls. It in interesting and I wonder what it signifies? Maybe simply that they are worlds apart?


I think that the fire hair girl may be a seer and the other is consulting her about something because she can't 'see' for herself.

I agree that there's a little envy creeping in to the girl on the right, and perhaps a lttle smugness on the other's part.


Isn't it funny how people see different things in facial expressions! I don't see envy on the second characters face, merely wonder and hope that the first character has had the Eureka! moment and knows how they can proceed forward with their idea.

Sorry for necroposting, but I'm loving this deck and thought I would add in some of my own thoughts and takes on the card as they come up in my daily draws...

When I looked at this card and before I checked in the lwb I came to the conclusion that a meeting of minds had sparked a new creative idea in the mind of one of the people, and they were thinking about how to bring it fruition and manifest it in life.

The moons on the cards make me think of intuition and dreams, and the stars (as well as representing the pentacles) hope. This is a deep seated hope and dream that they are focusing on, one they have longed for for many years. Their conversation has stimulated and sparked an idea in the first characters mind and her hair is now literally on fire as her idea consumes her mind. She has that far-away look in her eyes that signals she is not in the here and now with us, but has galloped ahead many months or years and is seeing the project completed and imaging how it can change the world.

This is literal creative fire!

I also am unsure about the wooden pole, though if you look closely at the bottom of the card I think it forms part of a frame that is suspending the stars/pentacles above their heads. Hopes, dreams and wishes above their heads, at that nebulous stage of being just whisps of an idea, just out of reach, waiting for the creative spark that will push it into an idea that can come to fruition and thus be plucked and manifested like the one being held by the inspired character.