Sweet Twilight - Two of Swords


The starlit beach in this card is really awesome! It looks like a beach in the dawn of time when the world was young.The girl is blindfolded and the LWB says she is refusing to see anything else but I think also the opposite may be true. I think she is trusting her intuition. She does not see the other sword but she can sense it is there. I think the candle on her left is also about intuition. About not seeing clearly and in detail but seeing the essential.
She has made her choice of swords but she is aware of the second one as well. She knows someone else may claim it in the future but she is ready and waiting.
The card is somehow very quiet. Just the soft sound of the small waves on the beach..Beautiful!


I wonder if she is getting ready to face the other sword, she looks like she may be saying, "Now, for you...How DO I get you out of that stone?"
"I have taken my sword, made my choice, chosen the path not mired or stuck in stone. When you are ready, I will be here."

I kinda wish she wasn't so closed off to the other sword. Perhaps she is reminding us to be open to all sides of a debate?


She's sitting above the water - her emotions? They are insulating her from the fire, the candle. Perhaps she's in suspension until she has the courage to recognise that there is another choice - the other sword maybe. A sword in a stone: perhaps pulling it is the key.


And she's come along way, it seems. Crossed the starry beach and now finds herself on the edge, the shore. The table with the candle--could be a reminder of home, safety? She has perched herself above the water, yes Aerin! I agree, her emotions and seems to hold her sword as if clinging to some semblance of safety...to get the other sword from the stone she must get a little wet, pull a little, relinquish the grip she has on the sword in her hand...


This may seem a little far-fetched but, given the influences of these cards, that looks to me like Vincent Van Gogh's chair given the Salvador Dali treatment.