SWWF ~ Global Healing ~ Ongoing Thread ~ For Arbolon!


Hello People,

As some of us wanted to work on Global Healing and it seems Jewel's Tree is sick, I'm opening this thread for Global Healing & for Arbolon together :)

Whatever can be done, can be done.

Feel free to post wishes, draw Fae, work with the Fae or whatever feels comfortable to you to help Arbolon.

Jewel said:
The tree doctor (2 of them actually) told me we would have to wait until fall (October here) to fertilize him with this special fertilizer for Silver Maple Leafs. I need him to hang on so I can do that, it will be direct injection I believe. But he seems to be shutting off more parts of himself, specially since it started raining so much here, too much water for him.



Kahlie thanks for the thread for Arbolon. When I told my husband that my friends here were going to try and help us with Arbolon he is was touched.

For those of you not aware of Arbolon's situation, he is a Silver Maple Leaf tree, about 22' tall, and around 13-15 years old. He used to have three main arteries off of his trunk. He is now down to one. We had to cut the other two off as he closed off the energy flow and they died. Another limb is now dead, and his leaves are starting to trun brown on the edges and look crinckles. He has black stuff in his bark as well. We are at a loss, and to be honest he may be lost to us, but we don't want to just cut him down without a good effort at saving him. I sense that Arbolon knows that we are trying to help him, I also sense that he is telling me (yesterday as a matter of fact) to "let go".

I don't really know all that much about trees, or healing, but any of you who do and want to help Arbolon, I would trully appreciate it. Anyone with any experience in organizing this sort of thing is welcome to take over and get us guided and focused. Again thank you Kahlie, and those who choose to participate.


Hey Jewel,

Some thoughts on what you might do. From a quick scan I had the feeling the blockage is in the first 50 cms from the ground up. What might be beneficial is to sit near him and lean on him a bit. Just relax and imagine yourself being sheltered by him as you are grateful back to him.

Another thing you might do if you aren't too shy... is to sing :)

I plan to work on Arbolon in the coming 2 weeks but I've been put off with loads of things.



Hi Jewel,

THe other day I tested out a real quick meditation with the Rarr about how he can heal my energy. I was thinking maybe doing something like this for Arbolon. I know its not much, but meditations and visualisations could turn thoughts into actions!

I will imagine Arobolons energy becoming healed and let you know how I go.


Well to sit under Arbolon would mean to sit in the mulch *LOL*. The tree doctor had us remove 2 ft of grass from around his base, place this special dirt that is vitalized to make up for poor soil conditions of this general area. So now he has mulch around his base, and cedar mulch is not very comfortable to sit in. But he knows when I am there to visit him. I always touch him, and often times literally hug him when I greet him. I sense his awareness of me once I have greeted him, and he knows when I am out there once I have acknowledged him.

I love the music idea, and our spa actually has a stereo. The spa is not too far from Arbolon, so I will put this great Reiki healing music on for him while I am out doing spa maintenance and mowing this afternoon. Thanks for the idea! The other plants and the faeries will probably enjoy it too.

Gem, please do the visualization. I will also try to work more with the Rarr and try to focus in the general area Kahlie indicated. If you could visualize that point being cleared and the energy flow being restored throughout him perhaps that could help him.

Again, thanks all for your support! Please keep the ideas coming!


Hello darling... I hope that Arbolon is feeling all of the light headed his way...

Have you asked the fae to sprinkle some dust around him as they are out their playing? You might want to pull out the green woman and faery godmother and ask them to combine some of their unique energies and put them into a little dust for you to sprinkle around the base of Arbolon.

Also, have you used sugar water to help promote the growth of sap and to keep the soil fresh with the natural things that are in soil (bugs and insects). All of those things are in the natural arena of life where the tree may grow in the wild... just a thought.


Arbolon is currently enjoying music and being relatively peaceful and quiet. Trying not exert much energy is my guess, as he seems to not have a lot of energy to expend. But he likes music and got lots of it Friday afternoon and evening.

Faerylvr I love your idea of working with Green Woman and Faerie Godmother. I had already enlisted the Green Woman's help (and her leafy dog too!), but will ask them to please work together and add some faerie dust to some rich soil I will put in a bowl. Great idea!!!

The faeries actually had me put some honey around the dirt at his base a few weeks ago. Interesting, I had wondered where that came from, but here I see you suggesting sugar water ... pretty interesting. Perhaps I will add honey to hot water for it to disolve, let it cool and add some of that.

Thanks so much ...