SWWF ~ Shadow Work Group ~ Signup 3-10th - Group runs from June 11th-25th


Dear People,

Alright, you can sign up on this group till the 10th of June. After that, the Group will run for 2 weeks starting the 11th of June and finishing the 18th.

The idea is to have small groups from 3-5 people working together with a common Fae for the duration of 2 weeks. Participation during those two weeks should be around 3-4 posts a week.

Shadow work is intensely personal due to it's nature, exploring our own hidden sides, repressed fears and bad beliefs that keep us in patterns we dislike. However, it helps significantly to have others help you as a fresh perspective is very beneficial! Especially since Shadow Work often involves subconscious patterns we no longer notice.

Some examples on what to post:
- What repressed beliefs does this Fae remind you off?
- What negative/darker sides do you see with this Fae?
- What fears creep up when you look at this Fae?
- Cards that you draw in combination with that Fae to help you out
- Obstacles you feel are in your life that can melt away with this Fae

I hope this Group will allow us to explore our Shadow Sides in a safe, comfortable but challenging environment. Remember to be kind to your fellow group members!

I drew the following Fae to help us with Shadow Work:

~ 29. Ta'Om the Poet ~

Ta'Om looks very mindful on this Card.... off into the distance...

Ta'Om reminds me off the stories I tell myself, the negative ones, which keep me trapped and unhappy. He also reminds me of my fears to dream big and how I rather sit like that... holding myself comfortably and not moving... just dreaming and fantasizing.

If you want to work on stories, fears, comfort zones and the like for 2 weeks... sign up to work in a group with Ta'Om!

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Signed you up AJ, thanks for joining !



Just today is left to sign up!