Symbolism that you think should be in the cards


Demonesse said:

Interesting. I've always thought that it represented looking within to find deeper, hidden truths and exploration of esoteric mysteries, but I've never thought of it as representing withdrawal of any sort...

It does kind of make sense- what better way to explore deeper hidden truths and esoteric mysteries than by withdrawing from the mundane, material world (like a meditative retreat?)

Wait- I think that would make you a... um... hermit. :D


New to tarot....but very intrested in making my own deck, cause i have yet to find one for me....I would like to put the runic sympols on the major arcana.....every major arcanda has a rune tied to it..some may have more, there are 25 runes and 21 major acanda cards....of the subject, but it came to me in a dream to rember that i was not reading the cards for myslef....not sure if it means that i will be reading others and not to put to much of my own intrest in the cards i make....


I like the idea of putting the runes on the major arcana. I think there are a couple of decks that have experimented with that idea- check out the Haindl deck (that's the first one that comes to mind).

Which brings up an interesting point, at least to my mind: I have seem many decks that coincide the Hebrew alphabet's 22 letters with the Major Arcana. How do you feel about leaving them out?

Is it possible to have a Tarot deck that does not tie in to the kabbalah (or alternate spelling of your choice)?


Jackal said:
Is it possible to have a Tarot deck that does not tie in to the kabbalah (or alternate spelling of your choice)?

Yes, I'm Jewish, and you have my permission. }) *LOL* Just kidding, but really, I think it's unnecessarily limiting to make yourself be kabbalistic about tarot. Yes, there are 22 major arcana and 22 (basic) letters in the Hebrew alphabet; yes, there are ten sefirot in the Tree of Life and ten numbered cards of each suit. But there are also four of each suit and of each type of court card, corresponding to the four elements; that is independent of kabbalah. And there are lots of such examples of the other influences and associations in tarot. Kabbalah does not define it.


I know very little of kabbalah and have been reading and designing tarot for years without missing it. :) As Qolus said, there's many ways of approaching it. I think the Tarot and the Kabbalah are linked but can exist independently. Then again, I might just be one of the uninitiated who doesn't know anything...

Willie - the Uninitiate


Qolus said:
Yes, I'm Jewish, and you have my permission. }) *LOL*

Ha! Thank you, oh gracious one! :D