Hi all,

Does anyone own this deck or have any experience with it? Apparently it's not really a 'tarot deck' as such but I discovered it since my tarot reader uses more than one deck during a reading. I was quite drawn to the images and am curious to know if anyone else has used it before.



I love the Symbolon. I think it's a fantastic and beautiful deck. I use it as a tool for personal growth. I don't really use for readings (like a tarot) because I haven't quite developed a system for it yet. But a male friend of mine has and he does excellent readings with it.


if you are looking for a copy of the symbolon i saw a copy of it at ebay last night. there are 80 cards and the set up looked different than tarot. why not check it out? :)



I had actually already ordered this deck and it just arrived today. Wow, beautiful! Gotta go check out it out in more depth!