Table of Contents - The Cards



General Discussions​

0: The Fool
Does the Fool know where he's going?
Placement of The Fool before The World
The fool
The Fool
The Fool and fear
The Fool and the Dog
The Fool as Grashopper as a New Spin on Aesop
The Fool Reversed?
The Fools Direction
The Fool's Stance On The Cliff...?
The meaning of the dog upon the Fool
What's with the dog
Where do you think the Fool Belongs
The Fool and I
What kind of new beginning is the Fool?
The Fool representing suicide?

Can't understand the Magician
Magician Card: connection with Sufism
Magician for physical attractiveness
Magician is naughty?
The Magician (by Imagoddess)
The Magician (by phirefly)
The Magician & The Chariot
The Magician as a fear?
The Magician: Jekyll and Hyde
Would the Magician make a good husband?

3 The Empress/2 The High Priestess
A 16th century interpretation of the Popesse
Comparative Study - The High Priestess
Exact meaning of Boaz & Joachim
Favorite High Priestess Card
Hierophant, High Priestess and Eleusinian Mysteries
High Priestess and the Star
High Priestess in Gendron
High Priestess in song
High Priestess Interpretations
High Priestess query
High Priestess- what's her lesson?
Reversed Moon and High Priestess together
The High Priestess
The High Priestess and her altar
The sexuality of the Priestess
High Priestess As Feelings
Star or H. Priestess for channeling

The Empress as an Obstacle?
Ze Empress, as ze situation or zeh actions???
empress as talents
From HP to Empress-Need Creative Help!
Empress/ hierophant/transparent tarot
Empress with Nine of Swords
The Emperor+ empress falling next to each other
The Empress and the Emperor...the happy family!
Empress year
Empress as "what do I do now"?
REVERSALS: The Empress Reversed
Empress Card repeating over and over
Empress in the workplace
Question about Empress Card
Tower & Empress
The Empress as feelings
The Empress..and "what I don't know about him"?
The Empress and the Hanged Man
The Empress and the Queen of Wands
empress as an outcome/future
the Empress as action - for a man
Page Pentacles + Empress + 3 of Cups
empress or temperance?
Match Made in "Majors" Heaven?
Symbology Study Group: Empress Apr 13-Apr 27
empress/world/hanged man type
Empress as an insecurity
question on the empress
The Empress's Crown
I Gave Away The Empress
Empress + Death = Someone's opinion of me?!?
The Empress for a time frame?
Reoccuring Empress
Selfish Empress?
empress in relationships
the empress
78 Weeks: Empress
Does these cards mean "rape"?
The Empress and The Sun as outcome cards
Empress as action
Relationships between the Magician and Priestess, Empress, Emperor and Hierophant
Empress as Advice?
The Empress
Soul card the Empress
Does the empress ever mean...
Emperor and Empress appearing in the same reading
Wheel Crossed with Empress
Empress as indicative of marriage?
Empress and Tower as Fears
Emperor & Empress
High Priestess Vs The Empress - Sex Appeal?
empress, 10 of wands, king of cups
a false pregnancy
Empress and Strength as psychic gifts
Page of Pentacles X Empress
Threes and the Empress
Empress and Queen of pentacles?
help with the Empress
The Lovely Empress
Empress R-past abortion?
The Empress for a man
The Emperor and the Empress
empress re mother
The Sun/The Empress/Knight of Swords = Pregnancy?
Oh great... another reversed card question.
An unusual trio
Empress and Knight of Swords?
Differences between Priestess and Empress cards
The Empress--Other Meanings
The Empress Reversed as the Evil Stepmother
The Empress
The Empress when does it mean "Mother"?
Empress and the rest of the Three.
Emperor and Empress - together at last?
Empress and Queen of wands, need opinion
Empress again?!
Empress Reversed
Tarot Basics: 3-The Empress

Emperor and Empress -- an Imperial Family
Emperor and King of Pentacles
Emperor as love and pregnancy
Jung Again? The Empress and Emperor...
Justice and the Emperor
Slightly concerned by the Emperor!
The Emperor and the Knight of Cups
The Emperor and the Star: interchangeable Qabalistically?
The Voyager Emperor
Two of Pentacles, Strength, and The Emperor..What do they mean?
Emperor as a challenge
emperor and boundaries
The emperor as where the relationship is headed?
Emperor as Advice
Emperor for Timing
The Emperor
The Emperor - What does he do for a living?

Heirophant,both beast and priest
Hierophant, High Priestess and Eleusinian Mysteries
High Priest
Pope, Strength, Hermit, Temperance
Question on the Hierophant
The Hierophant in a romance reading
The Opposite of the Hierophant
V - The Hierophant
Wonderful Hierophant
hierophant as how I need to act
Hierophant, temperance and marriage

Lovers as Soul Card
The Lovers
The Lovers and the two of Cups
The Lovers Card - Love or Choice?
Two of Cups vs. Lovers
Two or Three Lovers

Buddha's Chariot
Chariot & Thoth Deck
No wheels on RW's Chariot?
Strength vs. Chariot
The Chariot (byMajor Tom)
The Chariot (by Nexorious)
The Chariot (by purplelady)
The chariot and relationships
The Magician & The Chariot
Three of Pentacles and the Chariot
The Chariot and the astro sign Cancer -- huh?



Justice & Strength cards switched?? Please Help!
Justice = 8 and Strength = 11 ???
no. 11 - Strength or Justice?
Strength vs. Justice (positioning)
Switching of Strength and Justice

meanings - Justice
Justice and the Emperor
Justice as a career?
Justice as a daily card
Justice-what slant is most common?
Key #8. STRENGTH- How I overcame the negativity of this Tarot card
Not getting on with Justice
On Justice...
Rider Waite / Justice
The Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune and Justice
Justice is always a woman?



Non-spiritual Hermit
Pope, Strength, Hermit,Temperance
The Hermit (and his nine levels)
The Hermit Reversed
The Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune and Justice
Thoth - Hermit
Unlikely take on the Hermit, yet it makes sense...
What do the Hermit and the Heirophant teach?
Hermit as relationship potential
Hermit for physical appearance

Destiny Wheel of fortune
Lettering on Wheel of fortune
Observations wheel of fortune
What do you make of the Wheel of Fortune?
Wheeeeeel offffff Fortuuuuunee
Wheel of Fortune, meanings?
Wheel of Fortune...and a goddess
Does the wheel turn 180 or 360 degrees?

XI(Strength) - Note: see VIII re: placement and Justice
Personal experiences of "Strength
Pope, Strength, Hermit,Temperance
Strength vs. Chariot
Two of Pentacles, Strength, and The Emperor..What do they mean?
Understand Strength through Hulk Movie
The Strength & The fool : an ideal couple?
How Does Strength "Work Against" One?
The Lion in Strength
Strength as love potential

An upside down minstrel...
Hanged Man-as finances?
The Hanged Man
"The Hanged Man" interpretations
When the Hanged Man is REALLY hanged
Wounded Healer = Hanged Man?
How long, does the Hanged man... hang?
The Hanged Man - What does he do?

Cards of death--a twist
Death as Outcome
Death card worries
Difference between 13 & 20
Leaving Death in the Past?
No name, no number
RWS Death and the Sun
The death card
Two of wands and Death
how to interpret DEATH
Death is my soulmate ..what?!?!
what could Death RX mean for the outcome of a relationship?

Help with the Temperance card please
Meaning of Temperance
Pope, Strength, Hermit,Temperance
Tell me about Temperance
Temperance (by rubes)
Temperance (by Yodes)
Temperance - a Difficult Card?
Temperance negative
The Chariot as Temperance with Wands Energy
Understanding Temperance

Ever anything positive about the Devil?
Talking about the Devil
The Devil
The Devil - poor misunderstood fellow
The Devil as the dark side of Love
The Devil Card
The Devil Card - A new approach
The Devil with The Ace of Wands
The Devil, in a relationship spread
XV: The Devil
The Devil as a relative?
I don't get it (the Devil as "getting on like a house on fire")
The Devil
Devil as a Person

As desire that's being fulfilled
As outcome
As Shadow
Descartes and the Tower Card
Drawn as daily card twice in a row
Drawn three times
Exploring Meanings (another very in depth discussion)
Good Tower / Bad Tower - (everything you ever wanted to know )
Haindl Tarot
I am afraid of the tower!
Major Tom's Tarot and the World Trade Center
My tower hit me right between the eyes
The Dreaded Tower Card
The Tower + 5 swords
The Tower + the Ace of Cups
The Tower HAS to be tragic and negative?
Upside down
House of God - literally?
Is the Tower always upsetting?
Tower as sex

Sun and Star: Sanctum Sanctorum
The Empress and the Star
The Emperor and the Star: interchangeable Qabalistically?
The Star
The Star yes or no
The Sun and the Star - similiarities and differences
What could be the positive aspects of The Star reversed?
The Star, Marselleis deck - Relationship
I hate the Star boo!
The Sun, Star and Moon
Star or H. Priestess for channeling
The Neighbor from Hell and the Star, part 2

Advice: The Moon
How is the Moon card related to romance?
Moon in my personal readings - 3 days in a row!
My friend the Moon
The Moon (Elphaba)
The Moon (Ravenswing)
The Moon - a Buddhist take
The Moon as Pisces
Why is the Moon evil and bad?
Why is there a lobster in The Moon?
Confused over the Moon Card
I'm new and have a ? re the moon card
The Sun, Star and Moon
moon as feelings of someone
Opposite Of The Moon


Minor Arcana
In general​

DC's Tarot Notes - The Four Suits - very thorough
Elements and Suits
Ethnic Suits
Seasons and the Suits
Suits & what they represent
Wands and Air ---Swords and Fire ..what do you think
Wands and Swords.
Wands and swords, fire and air?

My personal approach to Swords - by ichoyc
Positive sword meanings
Story of Swords - by HOLMES
Suit of Swords - RWS
interesting meanings for Swords cards

A lot of wands
Rods & Wands - are they the same?


Can the Pentacles have an alternate meaning to money?
Pentacles has a new meaning...
Pentacles Suit from Ace through Ten
Relationships and Pentacles
Studying non-scenic pips - the Suits: Coins
Ten Pentacles on the Tree of Life

The Minor Arcana
Aces like crazy
Making Aces Interesting - by Macavity
The Negative Side of Aces
Aces and sexuality

Ace of Cups Crossing
Paddling upstream with the Ace of Cups
R/W Ace of Cups
Tower + Ace of Cups Alissaís amazing experience
Troublesome Ace of Cups beside 7 cups

ace of pentacles (BrightEye)
Ace of Pentacles (destinyawaitsme)
Ace of Pentacles(Woof)
ace of pentacles in relationships

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords (tryingtoreadtarot)
Ace of Swords Question - what is the vegetation?
Marseilles/RWS Ace of Swords
Romani Deck & Scary Ace of Swords
Wanting to BE the Ace of Swords

1 of wands for healing?
The Devil with The Ace of Wands
Ace of Wands - pregnancy?

Two of Air: *shock* Tell me about this! (Michael & the Devil)

2 of Chalices (cups) ... soul mate?
2 of cups versus Lovers? (firemaiden)
The 2 of Cups
The Lovers and the two of Cups (Marion)
Tower/2 of Cups

2 of Coins, Reversed, describing a person
Robin Wood - 2 Pentacles
Two of Pentacles, Strength, and The Emperor
Two of pentacles/coins as juggler

Catch 22 / Two of Swords
New approach to the Two of Swords
The Moon in the RW Two of Swords
Two of Swords - Suicide?
Two of Swords and Pregnancy

2 of wands ick!
2 of wands is making fun of me?
Two of wands?
Two and Three of Wands (Mermaid)
Two of wands and death
what kind of choice is the two of wands?

a lot of 3's in a reading

3 of cups / 3 of swords
Assaulted by the three of Cups on New Years Eve
Difference between 3 of Cups and 4 of Wands
Hermit & 3 Cups
Three of Cups: comparing meanings

3 of pentacles
3 of pentacles and no work
Three of coins- unusual experience, association of loss
Three of Pentacles and The Chariot
Taboo Three of Pentacles

3 swords (BLFO)
3 of Swords (Aoife) - plumbing the depths...
3 of Swords (Gazel)
3 swords (jema)
3 of Swords as Advice with someone
3 of swords reversed? (ming)
The 3 of swords (Joe)
Three (3) of Swords as Want?
Three of Swords as on-the-nose insight
3 of Swords interpretations

3 of Wands as longing
Two and Three of Wands (Mermaid)

4 Cups (samantha)
4 of Cups : IS he wise to reject it ??!!
Four of Cups and Job Interviews
Musings on the four of cups.

4 of Coins as "Intent to Act"
4 of Disks - Stewardship (Cosmic Tribe)
4 pentacles - selfish or not
Four of Lemons (pentacles)
Four of pentacles (Joanne)
Four of Pentacles (Ros)

4 of swords reversed...confused!
Can the 4 of swords be negative
Four of Swords (Dee)
Four of swords (juice)
Four of Swords, why not death? - spirited discussion

4 of Wands - DC sniper
4 of Wands as Freedom?
4 wands
Difference between 3 of Cups and 4 of Wands?

Studying non-scenic pips - Fives

5 of cups; 8 of cups
5 Cups and health
Spiral 5 of Cups
The bridge in the Five of Cups

5 of pentacles
5 of pentacles as how someone feels
Five of Pentacles as advice
Five of Pentacles popping out (the man)
5 of pentacles - positive meanings?

5 of a positive
5 of swords vs. 5 of wands (quan yin)
Five of swords (Wolf Spirit)
Five of Swords - Spiral (Firemaiden)
5 of Swords - the downside
Five of Swords as emotional baggage

5 of wands (purplelady)
5 of Wands vs. 5 of Swords (Tommy)



Never did get the Six of Swords Interesting exploration
Six of Swords - going through the void
Tarot for Yourself - Six of Swords - description
Six of Swords
6 of Swords in the "alternatives" position
What does the Six of Swords reversed mean?
Exploring the Six of WandsComparative approach
Six of wands kind of day When real life ressembles a card
Six of wands reversed
Exploring the Six of Cups Thorough discussion
Symbolism in the RWS 6 of CupsPsycho-analytical interpretations
What's with the mitt??? Lively, in depth discussion
6 of cups versus 2 of cups?
6 of Cups as a Career?
A platonic relationship: 6 cups?
6 of pentacles Thoth vs. Waite
Six of pentacles and six of cups
6 of pentacles as advice

7 of swords (Lysh)
7 of swords
7 Swords (Allibee)
7 of swords - what does it mean to you?
Futility - 7 of Swords - Thoth (Kitty)
7 of Swords -- always a shadow side?
One boot on, one off - 7 of wands
7 of wands & what does it mean to you?
Seven and Nine of Wands
7 Cups -skull and laurel wreath
7 of Cups (Kitty)
7 of Cups for three days in a row
Troublesome Ace of Cups beside 7 cups
Waite 7 of cups (little)
7 of Cups as a Room
The mysterious seven of pentacles
RW Pentacles 7
Thoth/RWS 7 of Disks (Pentacles)
Is 7 of Pentacles a risk?
7 of Wands what does it mean to you?

Eight of Swords Revisited
I Wonder What the Odds Are On VIII Swords
Green light for 8 of Wands
8 of wands as sexual attraction
8 of wands question (Lilliana)
Veiled apparitions in the RWS Eight of Cups!!!
5 of cups; 8 of cups
8 of cups and what we are leaving behind
8 of Pentacles (Joya250)
Eight of Pentacles (Shadow Wolf)
Eight of Pentacles in Spiral Tarot
Maybe Iím splitting hairs here about the 8 pentacles

Robin Wood: 9 of swords
9 and 10 of Swords - What's the difference?
What does it mean to keep getting the Nine of Swords?
Nine of Wands - Wall?
Daily - 9 of wands 4 days out of 7!
9 Cups - new insights
9 of cups - 1 cup missing?
What is the difference in meaning between 9 cups and 10 cups?
RW 9 of Pentacles and a snail
Bird in the Rider 9 of Pentacles
Unorthodox Intuitive Flash - 9 of Pents as a "Kept Woman"
9 of wands...
Oh, those nine of swords.

10 of Swords (Diana) in depth discussion
10 Swords (Yarnie)
Discussion: Ten of Swords.
Ten Swords redux
Ten of Swords (Lady Mary)
10 of Swords! (AquarianGoddess)
Unhappy Families : 10 cups
Somewhere over the Rainbow
10 Pentacles (Pollux)
Ten Pentacles on the Tree of Life
10 of Pentacles?
10 of swords as "good things happening right now" ?
Ten of Cups
10 of Cups - a wrong thing to do


In general​

Court cards (hyperborea)
Court cards (Alhem)
The Court Cards (imagoddess)
Court contemplation
Court Cards.aaahgh!!
Court, please! (Vita-morte)
Court Card Rut
Court cards are confusing
idea on those pesky courts
I'm so confused about Court Cards
Thoth Court Cards
Court cards: can they have more than one meaning?
Hierarchy of the court cards in different decks?
Keywords for the 16 Court Cards
Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts
Technical Grasp on the Tarot Court
Courts- Why do we need them?

People and Personality
When are Courts People, and when are they aspects?
Court Cards - actual people?
Court cards as people?
Physical Descriptions for Court Cards
Court Cards in Real Life
Gender and the Court Cards
Court Cards and Myers-Briggs

Court Cards & Astrology - Help Please!
Zodiac signs, court cards, significators
Astrological Signs in Court Cards?

Using Court Cards to identify Natural Gifs, Talents, Resources
No Court Cards
My first question - why court cards in tarot?
Pushover Court Card
Yes or No? (Court cards in yes/no questions)
elemental associations for the courts

The Royal Family
King of cups - Maan
King of Cups -XLCR
Emperor and King of Pentacles
Negative aspects of The King of Cups?
The King of Wands

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords as a daily card...
Queen Of Wands
The Queen of Wands' Cat
Queen of Wands/Clubs
Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups reversed (esp. Crowley)
Is the Queen of Cups a Watermelon?
Queen of Pentacles ...anyone?
The Queen (of Pentacles)'s Bunny
Queen of Pentacles in romantic spreads
Queens and their meanings in love
Queen of Swords as the future outcome
Are you a good queen or a bad queen?

Knight of Swords Major Tom
Knight of Swords (Robin Wood) Rhiannon
My meeting with the knight of swords
Knight of wands
Knight of Cups, 8 Strength (MeeWah)
The Emperor and the Knight of Cups
How committed & monogomous is the knight of cups?
Knight of Cups as a Proposal?
Knight of Pentacles
Knights vs Kings
Having trouble reading Knight cards... mr.cleo
The Knight of Pentacles in love
Knight of Cups as Feelings
Is the Knight of Swords indecisive?
Conquering The Court - Knight Wands
Conquering The Court - Knight Cups

Pages (Princesses)
Page of Swords - Malachite
Page of Swords - Eponaz
Page/Princess of Swords-the hardest court card for me to interpret
The Page of Swords as a child
Princess of Wands (Major Tom)
Page of Wands - Negative
Page of Pentacles and Three of Wands
Thoth Difference between Princesses and Pages
Court cards as outcomes
Page of Cups....... sluttish??
Dogged by a Page
Conquering The Court - Page Swords
Conquering The Court - Page Pentacles
Conquering The Court - Page Cups
Conquering The Court - Page Wands

The black card in Thoth?
Thoth Black Card
Unicursal Hexigram the Black Card in Thoth
My Man Keeps Getting the Happy Squirrel! :)

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