Taking Care of Moldavite


I browse about Moldavite and soap in google and found this website http://www.dandennis.com/moldavite.htm

It said that
"Care & Cleaning: Moldavite is a fragile gem that should be handled with care. Clean with a soft polishing cloth, plain water rinse or mild solution of soap & water."

Another website: http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/students/cruver/applications.htm
It said that
"Wipe the stone clean or use a very mild soap solution to remove dirt and chemicals"

Another thing is they also sell soap that contain Moldavite. Isn't it amazing? So now I thought that maybe moldavite is safe if it get contact with soap but maybe I should do an experiment first before concluding this :)


Finally, I bought 3 moldavite with a total of 6.3 gr. 2 of them is Besednice and one of them isn't unknown yet.
Really wanted to post the picture here but don't know how lol
Anyway, I heard that even the smallest moldavite pack a powerful energy. If I wear all the three together at the same time, what do you think will happen to me?
Your experienced is really welcomed here :)


It doesn't take much moldavite to get one's energy flowing. I would try them at home before going out. Wear or carry a grounding stone with them at first, unless you are very grounded. But if you want to really take off, wear it alone. If that's not enough, try a piece of phenacite with them. That's a fun ride.

A few days ago I was working with a vial of thulium, a rare earth, which is quite powerful. Hot energy flooded my chest. Red garnets with the thulium kept things stable. Barely. I fell asleep for a short time. Then I added moldavite and phenacite. Soon I was up doing all kinds of chores in record time, which is what I wanted. Moldavite can easily do that alone!

One talent of moldavite I found the first time I carried some: it is a path accelerator. Some people don't like it because of this. For example, if a certain type of person, or a certain person bothers you, moldavite tends to call them in. The first time I carried moldavite I thought, "What the heck is going on?" Then I laughed when I realized my inner work had been accelerated. Not everybody experiences this, but just in case you do. The stone is trying to help you.

Moldavite is a heart opener too. If you are ready for that, you may really love this stone. A friend of mine adores her moldavite jewelry. Other friends say it's too much. My moldavite is a semi-polished, flat piece that everybody left behind, but for me it's just right. Sounds like you like your stones too. Have fun!


Sounds like you like your stones too. Have fun!

I already know Moldavite from last year but just got an opportunity to buy them this month. I waited so long and that's why I buy 3 instead 1 lol. Since I haven't work yet, I have to skipped lunch for days. But I think it's worth it :D
So rather than liking, I think this is an obsession since I already love them even though I never touch or see a real moldavite before. Everyone experience even your experience that I read always make me to love moldavite more and more. If my family know this, maybe i can be called crazy lol
Really can't wait for mine to arrive!


I have another question. People usually sell a crystal specimen in a display case mounted with some white looking clay. I wonder what it is since I want to buy it for mounting my crystal and Moldavite too of course :D


I'm pretty sure it's this stuff or something very similar:


Amazon has a lot of other options if you scroll down. If in doubt, ask what they use next time you're at a rock show. They might just have some they can sell you in with the drill bits, polishing grit, and other tools.

I might have to get me some Moldavite now. I haven't seen it around, but that doesn't mean it won't pop up at the next rock show or over at someplace like Black Market Minerals. Hmm.


I might have to get me some Moldavite now. I haven't seen it around, but that doesn't mean it won't pop up at the next rock show or over at someplace like Black Market Minerals. Hmm.

Thanks for the link you provided, going to search in the local shop for it. You should get a moldavite! I really recommend it even i I haven't experience with it. Their price is always going up so it's better you get is as soon as possible.
They say that once a moldavite choose you, you only can think about it. It already happen to me twice and I'm buying them already :)


Have anyone here break your moldavite? If so, what do you think you should do with it?
And if you ever lost your moldavite, do you found it again?

Please share your story so that I will love my moldavite more and more lol


Also, have anyone using Larimar with Moldavite?
Just wondering what reaction you all got there :)


How to know Fakre Moldavite

Just in case someone going to buy moldavite like me, I'm giving some good website to read:

I really recomend the moldaviteforsale.org since it was the most updated fake examples. You know that China now really make some good that even an expert had a hard time to identify it.

This undercover video is really good too:

Also, seeing many real moldavite picture can be good too, not just for an eye candy but for studying too!

I hope this can help for new people to buy moldavite when the time is right :)