Talent Call

Major Tom

This is a call for talent. I'm looking for people who are creating (or have created) their own tarot deck. I will be sending out some specific invitations. This is one of them. If you are reading this it is addressed specifically to you.

I have some rather specific requirements. I suspect everyone who responds will be happy they did. :)

I'm looking to fill the 2004 edition of the Tarot Lovers Calendar.

The only payment I can offer is the opportunity to see your work in print. })

I'm looking for people who are creating a personal version of a tarot deck and can write between 500-1500 words about it.

I'm also looking for illustrations for an article I'm writing about key lifetime cycle cards. Basically major arcana cards between I - The Magician to IX - The Hermit. I want a wide variety of examples for all. ;) Ah, go on, send me your personalities and shadows too. :laugh: Any major welcome. ;)

Any version of the Lovers card is most welcome (as long as it is your own work) Everyone retains their copyright. :) I'm the editor so I decide how your work is displayed.

You can indicate your interest in a variety of ways: post here, email, pm, chat, etc. }) I would certainly encourage the use of imagination. :laugh:

Doh! Did I mention that 10% of the profits from this venture go to Aeclectic? This is a community effort. ;)

Of course, if you really want to support this community venture, you can always buy a copy. :laugh:

I'm hoping to ship by the end of August/first part of September.

Deadline for submissions is 30 June 03. Anyone hear an echo? :laugh:


yes ...... i am definatley interested!! i am currently working on some artwork, so will inform you of what i can offer soon!!


me! i'm also interestedin both proposals! :) i just hopemy decks can make it in. :) (oh, and can the masque do a second round on the new calendar: :D) i'll give you a message, major tom. :)

ps. i think what yer doing is great, in that it gives exposure to unpublished decks. keep up the good work. :)


I would be happy to contribute a card from my deck. I'm pretty limited on range so far though, only up to the hierophant :)


I've only got three cards done, but am willing to let them be used, if that will help at all/



Major Tom:

where do you want images sent to???

fly well


doh - sorry if this sounds dumb? ......... so the calander will be for 'lover' cards only?

(just need to clarify!)


Certainly! I'm looking for any publicity venues I can find (assuming you like the deck, of course). If you like what you see at www.worldtreeproducts.com (some color, but mostly black and white under the Readings button), I can send you a .zip file of the half size full color .jpg graphics and later files for full sized graphics in whatever format you want.

I can probably turn out 500-1500 words on just about anything, but I would want a bit of clarification on just what you're looking for in what I assume would be a sidebar for the graphic.


going to miss the boat

How I would have loved to see my art in print..
What a shame I only started working on the lovers yesterday and I will never be able to finish it in time....Not to my satisfactory anyway.
be sure to remind me next year!

...Damn I wish I found my inspiration sooner...


LittleWing said:
so the calander will be for 'lover' cards only? (just need to clarify!)
As far as I know cards that will be featured on the interior of the calendar can be any of the 78 cards, the lovers cards are for the cover, right MT? That's what was done last year and it came out very nicely!

R :)

P.S. Red and my cards are still on offer, let me know if you'd like to use some!