Tarocchi ROTA


39 Card Spread.
Master Work @ 32°
By Tarocchi Master Θelion
First Pair: Center: Sky and Stars
Second Pair: Asshiah:: Heavenly Abode
3rd Pair: Root: Foundation & the Firmament
12 Carte WHEEL
Hands of Time: 8 Carte out from Center pair to Four Poles
Inner Deacons: 4 Carte
Outer Deacons 6 Carte
4 Supports or Strengths: 2 Left of Root, 2 Right of Root.
Divininators Choice: Aire or Sprout. (Single Card)
Lo! And Behold! Ashiah is Three Fold.
Thus from the Root doth it Grow!
Follow either path along Taro! Tora! ROTA!!!



Welcome to AT forum :)

This looks interesting but it is also a bit confusing. Maybe you could clarify a bit?
You said it's 39 cards but I'm getting 40 (or 25) so I must be counting something wrong.

This is what I got so far:

2-----2 - The second pair for the Heavenly Abode

1-----1 - The first pair for Sky and Stars

3-----3 - The third pair for the Root (Foundation and Firmament)

Then a 12 card wheel around these. What does the wheel cards mean? Are they Astrological houses perhaps?

Left and right of the Root cards you have 2+2 cards that are Supports and Strengths.

The last card is chosen by the Divinator to be the Sprout.

Hands of Time: 8 Carte out from Center pair to Four Poles
Inner Deacons: 4 Carte
Outer Deacons 6 Carte
Could you please explain these? Do you have 18 cards in this section in all? What are the meanings of these?


Dear Friend,

I love to see some interest.
For my self I start with the Center Pair, One of the querant and one for the Que.
Depending on it's application it can be applied to a 14 Card "Wheel"(2+12) or adapted to the 39 card Life Path Study Course for aspirant purposes rather than Querant based readings.
The Wheel is a common read style that I have adapted to the ROTA or Tree of Life spread, as it resembles a Tree growing up from the root baring fruit and it's Heavenly Ascension.
The option of the reader is to apply one card for the Wheel at it's Noon position, for alignment with Aire or Aqua, where as a reader in Works would find an addition to the Root and Growth is more suitable. It is from the Air and Aqua that water flows to nourish this tree, and it is from the elements of fire meeting the water that Earth is borne.
Four Aspects; Styles; Suits.
Aligning of one's self is the Enochian "Game", Where as the Sacred Tongue shows through the TAROT Wheel I call ROTA in this spread. Because the Wheel is a common spread it is tied to it's own history, and promotes Sacred tongue through it's historical ties. Enochian is the language of Game and Jest, as it expresses sometimes how a challenge falls on ones alter.
The Love for the Querant expresses itself in the Root of recognition, The Star and Sky, or infinite possibility of the Querant, and the Assiah Set, or Heavenly abodes express the Celestial nature of divination. Finally; the Language of tarot, which expresses itself as symbols tied to both the past and future, Chance and Luck, are the divine nature of a Tarocchi Conversation. These four understandings are the root of Tarocchi as I have come to understand it.
If one approaches your alter to Challenge your skill, Alignment with Aire expresses through it's form showing the maintenance of an Altruistic approach to the read. If this Challenge is not present, then the read is based more in the Que, as traditional to Divination or Sacred Tongue Tarot.
In Sacred tongue it traditionally shows there real linger questions of the querant, rather than always satisfying the que. In a persons heart, some ques miss the surface, and are never asked, but still they are shown.
Starting the wheel it has two cards in it's center and twelve in its Wheel or Clock.
Out from it's center it breaks into quarters, or 8 additional cards, and in the four quarters we express one deacon card, per quarter (Watchers). Where as From Assiah to the root we add six Outer Deacons, or Celestial sphere Watchers. Three on the left, three on the right. Besides the clockwise spread or wheel these cards, which will help you to understand direction for your reads, (Cards inside the wheel express themselves as alignment or characters in the Querant's life, rather than the outer court of Watchers which are not directly in the life of the querant but still affect the life path of.) where as the Strengths are aligned to Future to the Left and Past to the Right. These are simple "Over Views" where as the wheel works as a clock. Noon unto 3' is expressed as the past. From three to six is the precipitating moment. 6 to noon again is the future expressed by the path of the Querant.
This large a read is traditionally dedicated to Aspirant Paths, but can be used in all of it's modes for Que. Ie, if the Querant does not have a life interest in Tarot, then perhaps its translation if just que based, but with the aspirant path, those who wish to study the occult, these card spreads should be transcribed as a gift to the Aspirant.
The Sprout aligns itself in three realms of the tree of life, Hod, Netsach and Tipharet, and knowing this on your alter will help you to see other Strengths, Root is One card Malkhut and one cared Yesod, Malkuth sideways under Yesod.
Any additional question I would love to address, if your strong in Astrology, then these 12 can be such, but they are also expressed on your Watch.

As earth revolves around Sol towards it's greater revolution, known as the Great Solar Year, it makes about 25,490 Earthly Anno to course itself in a way that it will fall again on it's aproximate path.
When taking a read toward the Clock or House cards (12 card Wheel) recognize how time cycles but also gains. Know that no revolution about this wheel is the same, questions or situations alter as they revolve. The first application of the wheel may be entirely reflective of the past, the second being the present moment, and the third being all future events as they correlate to the que.
Time and space come together in these houses, and working into this read different spread techniques is simple with the many forms present. For example;
The paired cards at Top and bottom, or the root and heavenly abodes can be likened to, along with the 3' and 9' O'clock positions to triangle forms in these four quadrants.
Technical Breakdown:
At the Height, (to be applied at all four quadrants if ye so choose)
The Heavenly abode's top card, with the 11&1 o'clock cards form a trinity cross, that in it's unicursal geometry, return to it's bottom card; the Noon card acts as a signifyer card. This creates a five card version that begins and ends. (See Triquerta Spread. https://benebellwen.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/triquetraspread.png?w=739)
In this way you, may work about these modes, and apply a Mystical Circumbulation.

The read here offers those who wish to study a life path, also, a fool at odds with nature, recognizing that only half the cards play to your court, where as the others rest in the universe itself. To route this chart is to play the whole of your deck, one down and the other up, showing that in your life, all cards apply, where only half are to your course, and the others are the outer experience. Much like the inner and outer Diaconic sets, some forces will play onto your life path directly, while others have indirect applications. To chart a path with half the deck, in itself is a large draw, but to see the other half in play is a life study entirely, for this reason I suggest that a full deck of play be applied but once, and that these be studied as a full course. While others who play you in this Life path study only have half the deck to admire, without knowing the full course of the Universe that play them, this leaves you the option as their consult in such matters, the study of the alternate upon their path, for your continual consultation.
To provide a life course in Tarocchi, this read is my heavy recommendation, but understand that it is to promote a scholarly course in this art, and if one has not committed themselves in the utmost to this work then perhaps a smaller read will suit their ques.
Apply to this read a number of different spread interpretations and you can yield high success in applying it to many ques in one siting. Recognizing forms and plays come with time, so sit with this read and hone your personal practice. Record results, and continue forth; as it is said "The Method of Science with the Aim of Religion".
I hope well you see that these cards may change if you choose not to record, but the opportunity in both projects high success in it's interpretation. To hold onto a read gives it new depth when studied, but to renew the wheel oft gives it's direction growth. Find in this your personal success, and continue to grow along the lines of deeper insight and interpretations.
There is not a standard here other than the card layout, and even that varies, so if one is to adopt this read with the full 78 card deck, then use the alignment of Earth for yourself, and Aire for the universe. if in half, then choose wisely your Suit, and work well forever forward.

Blessing unto ye and all those you cherish, and may you be ever guided to the highest Liberty when expressing the Law, and know in thyself the danger of Lies and Lust.
In Light Life and Love!
Compassionately, Master Thelion withing the Ministry of ΘUL.