Tarot, a sin?


I just wanted to hear this boards views about tarot and it being a sin. The only reason i don't expand my tarot learnings is that i am a practicing christian (not one that goes to church, but u know what i mean) and now I just read about how tarot can be used for magik and such and now thats scaring me away more, so i just wanted to hear ur views about it. Thanks alot


I remember that my scripture teacher in primary school told me that astrology, palmstry and handwriting analysis was a sin, which may put things in perspective for you. And sometimes I think it can depend simply on what names you give things e.g. is using the tarot 'magick' or 'prophecy'?
Oh yeah, and have you ever read Pilgrims Progress? 'Cause I just have and it's amazing how comparable it is to the Fool's Journey in Tarot; the Pilgrim is the Fool, Evangelist is the Magician, the Celestial City is the World etc. It's really cool.
- Persha


Quote:Mateo06 (31 Jan, 2002 11:34):
I just wanted to hear this boards views about tarot and it being a sin.

You need to take a look at Connolly's books on Tarot. She's a practicing Christian, and a very devout one, also a long-time Tarot expert, with three books (at least) on the shelf and her own very Christian deck.

I tend to believe that all so-called-magic comes from the divine. It's only called "magic" instead of a divine gift by the narrow-minded. But using only the Bible, you'll see that all "magic" comes to people through God. Saints, prophets, healing, salvation from lion, all thanks to God. So if the cards inspire you to see into people's hearts, then it is thanks to God and for God's purpose. It can only be evil if you choose--with the freedom of choice God has given us all--to use it for selfish or evil purposes. Which, alas, some people do, and corrupt the blessing they've been given.

That said, unless you can trust that tarot is a wonderful thing, filled with stories like stained glass windows, and the gift of insight to help you help others, that it IS a blessing from God, then don't make use of it. Not at all, not ever. Such things, like belief in God, rely on faith. And if you don't have faith in it, it won't serve you.



What do you mean by 'sin'? What defines 'sin' for you? The Bible says that you should not wear red (do you own red clothes?), should not eat shellfish (do you eat lobster?) and lumps women in with cattle and property (Do you belong to someone - like a car or a chair?)

If you are reading this, you are probably sinning because it is written by a gay man.

My point is: Tarot is a tool. How you use that tool is up to you.

When my Catholic brother married a Protestant girl, after the ceremony my mother commented to me " Gee, the wedding was 'just like ours'." I said "What? You were waiting for the Devil to pop out from under the altar and splash blood on the bride, or something?" As a young Catholic, I was told that the Devil lived in the Protestant church, and should never walk into one! These are the same people who told you that Tarot is a sin, and tell young men that if they 'play' with themselves that they will go blind.

If you think we are sinners, you've definately stumbled into the wrong web site!

If you want to learn more about using Tarot - stick around and join us sinners!


Persha, Thirteen & Tarotbear have expressed eloquently & succintly their understanding of Tarot.
Consider this a vote for Tarot as a tool, a means for spiritual guidance, even divine intervention & inspiration.
It is in the nature of Man to aspire & to strive for greater things; to find meaning & sense in the face of the unknown or the absurd. Tarot serves all of those searchings if approached in faith & reverence. Like anything that is appropriately approached & used, it can be a boon; otherwise, it is far less & at worse, a travesty of the knowledge it holds.
This is something you need to find out for yourself; experience & determine for yourself. We can only testify from our own individual experiences, but we cannot dictate to anyone else something that is of an inner revelatory nature & understanding.
As suggested by Tarotbear: you are free to hang out with us & see what you shall see.



Have you ever seen a nice car and wished it was yours?
Had a sick friend and hoped they got better quickly?
Were those wishes a sin, because you didn't invoke them in the name of Jesus?

Meditation, tarot reading, prayer, spell casting, and hoping for a pay raise are all essentially the same thing.

They are a focusing of your personal energy or spirit, in the hope that a desired result will occur. You can get doctrinal or dogmatic, but deep down, its all about using your personal energy for a defined purpose.

Tarot reading is my form of prayer.

I believe in a God or Goddess as a creator of all things, and I hope to someday commune with God in a physical plane. Until then, I'll read the cards.

God or Goddess has given me a gift. I can read cards, and in so doing, I can help people. I do it better than I do most other things in my life.

If I'm a sinner for doing so, I accept that condemnation. However, I think that my God will be pleased that I have not squandered that gift.



Tarot cards are pieces of cardboard with pictures on. They are not guns, bombs or defoliants ;) Now those I could understand if they were called 'sinful'.

Some Tarot cards are miniature works of art. Many of us find them useful for reflection and for offering a different perspective on our lives.

What the others have written in reply to you seems to me to be very helpful. I tend to take a slightly different view, in that I don't find that I need faith in the cards for them to 'work' for me. I tend to have a very playful attitude to the Tarot. I find that 'playing' is almost like exploration or research and I find out things better that way. I know this isn't true for everyone. But then I believe that what I see in the Tarot is a reflection of what is inside me, not something supernatural.

You see, there are lots of ways of viewing Tarot cards and as far as I can see none of them deserve the label 'sinful'.

Hope this helps,



I have a very strange book, "Instructions in the Catholic Faith" by Parish Priests, Copyright 1976, revised 1980. One of the things it says about divorce is:
Let's consider the case of a very good wife and mother. She has many children. She has a drunken husband who beats her, runs around with other women perhaps and does not support the family. Suppose that she meets a fine man who would be a wonderful husband and father; yet not even in this case does God make an exception. Even if your partner is in an insane asylum, or if he marries again-you cannot marry again. No one wants to marry a divorced woman with children. We would like to say that there are no "impossible" marriage cases. If the Church cannot solve the case, old age or sickness or death will.

This book goes on to say: Superstition is equivalently giving adoration to others besides God. Anyone who puts belief, trust and confidence in superstitious practices is breaking the First Commandment. Why? Because he acts as though creatures had power that belong to God alone. The book goes on to rant and rave about faith healers, astrology, palmistry, crystal gazing, ouija board, automatic writing, and so forth; spiritualism or spiritism, and dreams as being classified a mortal sins. Venial sins of superstition are chain prayers, lucky and unlucky numbers, lucky rings, coins or emblems, superstitious use of votive lights and lucky or unlucky practices. Catholic medals have a good purpose. However, Catholics should be careful to avoid the superstitious use of medals. They have no power of themselves.

I do not agree at all with much of what this book has to say and keep it only as a curiosity.


Quote:Diana (01 Feb, 2002 00:18): Maybe you'll even find a doctrine out there that says it's a sin to be born!!

;) Now you're just being cute here, aren't you? Cause you know, in Christianity, it is a sin to be born. We're all sinners at birth and if a child isn't baptised, it won't go to heaven.

And then there's Calvinism which says that only a few choosen are born to go to heaven anyway, so almost everyone who's born, no matter what they do, is a sinner.

Don't ya just love these depictions of God as a nasty old lady with a ruler in hand ready to smack you for, well, just about anything? What ever did happen to that loving, forgiving, and seemingly mature view of God...?