Tarot and Spirits


How long until you were able to do such a reading? I ask because I sleep next to my favorite uncle's ashes. Every night. He was my best friend. I tried to talk to him through cards once but nothing like that has ever happened. I have never even gotten a sensation he was present.

Thought I'd share an experience of mine from about 10 years ago when I performed a very different reading.

First I need to give an little background. A very old online friend of mine from Canada called Wendy, mum died around 20 years ago now. Wendy , although very religious, is both open minded and very spiritual and knows there's more in life than any church could explain and so has always excepted me for who I am and trusted in me. Wendy was very close to her mum, Marian, and found it difficult to move in her life beyond her mothers death from a brain tumour.

Wendy asked me if I would do a tarot reading and I stayed up late yo do it live online via chat. It was a perfectly normal reading and one she found moving. But nothing like one she would have later.

After coming offline I cleared everything away, taking my cards upstairs with me. As I settled down to sleep I was restless. Next thing I know I am sat drawing out a very specific layout and I am making notes including two very specific cards and a time when the reading should be done. I wasn't sure why...but I just realised there was a reason.

A few nights later I set up for the reading, along with my spirit guardian John and my notebook and pen. I removed the two cards and started to shuffle. Even this was strange. Almost detached in feeling. I laid out the cards, as directed, and placed the two cards, then I started the reading. I found myself speaking out loud, which I don't normally do. As I progressed, I wrote the reading down. I realised quickly the reading was no ordinary reading. As I wrote down the reading I realised that his I was writing was changing and this was a message. The 'you' changed to 'me', 'I', 'we'!

I found I was also getting emotional and this hit the nail on the head for me that Marian was speaking through me. My empathic side had kicked in big time and I was highly emotional as I read the cards. As Marian pushed harder with her heartfelt message to Wendy, I became more emotional. My writing changed again as she begged me to give this message to Wendy and I found myself saying that I promised she would see this. It ended when John severed the link because I was becoming a wreck as Marian got more upset. She was desperate for Wendy to move on and not hold onto Marian so strongly.

When John severed the link the tears, shakes etc literally just stopped and I was fine. I sat there looking at the cards and realised Marian had found her way to me via the reading I did a few days before and felt this was her only way. When I shared it with Wendy she was so emotional. I had no idea what her parents looked like, but the cards struck a striking resemblance. The reading was filled with things I knew nothing about and she admired it wasn't the first message from her mum. But the only one like this.

I was impressed with Marian that she used the cards, my empathic and psychic skills to send the message from her heart to her daughter.

Anyone else use them in a similar way?


It's impossible to say Olivia. I'd done my friend a reading a week or so before and I am sure her much watched and decided this was the best way for her to get the message across. Maybe sit with your cards doing little readings and talk to your uncle. Invite him to speak to you via the cards. I and done nothing to invite it. It just happened. So really all I can say is yo invite him and if he wishes to, he will.