Tarot Book Club: Holistic Tarot


Thank you for the answers. Wonderful news and I am excited to join in then! Will buy the book this weekend.:)


Started jotting down questions for the first chapter on the train today. Really looking forward to discussing in a few weeks.

incidentally, the first three chapters are mostly available on Amazon under Look Inside if you wanted to participate but don't have the book just yet.


Decided to join in. My copy of the book should be here on Saturday!


I'm in! I have it on my kindle but intend to buy it in hardcopy as its pretty amazing!


I have the hard copy of this book, it's already full of notes and page flags!

Looking forward to the book club discussions, count me in please.

Author did a fabulous job on her first book, it will be a valuable resource, I love it, even when I disagree...it still made me think about what she said, and any well written book should do just that!

Excited to hear everyone's opinions.



this is wonderful news! I've got the book on order and am looking forward to it:)


Just a reminder, in one week we will begin discussing the ideas presented in the first three chapters.


So mine came in, and even though I was forewarned I was still surprised by its girth! I flipped through it a bit this morning while I was having my coffee. It definitely seems comprehensive.


A preview for when we start chatting about the book on Monday: I have learned to check my knee-jerk reaction to the first pages of a chapter until I got all the way through it.


Amazing book. I am so very grateful to Benebell Wen for her dedication and truly outstanding effort put forth in creating such a masterpiece. I will use this book for the rest of my life. I hope you will all find as much pleasure in her writing as I have. Enjoy!!!