Tarot Book Club: Holistic Tarot


What I do not like about Chapter 9 that sometimes (for some cards) she would start to describe a card by talking about another card or by comparing it to another card which basically leaves me scratching my had a bit after as I feel like I did not get enough information about the card that she was trying to describe in the first place.


The books also discusses learning by doing readings for teddy bears and fictional clients. The reason being that a new reader is likely to say absolutely the wrong thing to a client and may have a negative impact on them. perhaps I'm a tad too cavalier about these things, I advocate reading for friends early on, but I think the warnings from the book are wise and that one must have humility when reading for another person and take great care with them as our words will weigh heavily on them.

(New to forum and thread but jumping in)...I didn't agree entirely with the teddy bear tactic myself. I started off reading for friends after doing so for myself. But, perhaps if someone is really, really shy, the teddy bear is a good option. At least they can hug it after.:)


is it still in time for signing up for Book club?