Tarot by Sasha Fenton


I'm considering buying these but would like to know your opinion about this.I saw some of the card images online and they look quite attractive.They remind me of the Minute Tarot.What do you think??


I SORT of see what you mean.

I like them - but I HATE the book. Then again - the set is usually very cheap indeed !


gregory said:
I like them!

But is it worth getting it? I mean do you actually use it or it's 'just another deck' in your collection that is kinda ok.It's just cos I have soo many decks at the moment and a lot of them I havent even touched so unless it is a very nice,interesting-to-work with deck I dont want it :)


I think all decks are "worth getting" - you can learn from all of them. I cannot in honesty say I read with all mine (see profile :|) - but I look at them all - including this one. Why don't you touch some of yours ? That seems strange to me - and goodness knows if ANYONE were in a position NOT to have time to look at some, I must be high up there !

The only way to find out if a deck is "interesting to work with" is to try it. I say that as one who pooh-poohed Mystic Faeries till I read with it on a bet.... WOW !

Now - you can only look at the images and decide if YOU want it to see if it interests you ! To each his own and all that.


well nowadays I just dont have time to deeply study decks like I used to but anyway thanks for the advice :) it's very cheap from amazon so I might as well get one :)

Muir Aingeal

I have it and I like it. I'm waiting for another set to come in the mail because the one I ordered previously was missing the 4 of cups.

It's a nice little deck set and cheap too! You really can't beat the price!


I had another look at some of the card images and then I saw the World card.That actually put me off from ordering plus the possibility of missing cards as mentioned in a previous post :(


I like these! the colours are lovely... so.... I just ordered a set :D for less than £2 with free delivery ....


I have a set - very colourful and I like them :)