TAROT & Daily protection rituals


OK AT ritual folks. I’ve been musing on a protection ritual including Tarot, to be done in the morning
- before one steps out into the big wide world…

This ritual is based along the lines of “grounding and empowering” oneself,
visualising one’s aura becoming impenetrable (including the 4 elements - because I’m Wiccan
and I can’t not include them!. But you don’t have to ;) ),
and calling on personal spirit guides to join you for your day.

Check it out. Comment. Add your own ideas… :cool2:
(N.B. Where I choose to start and what I choose to say - are all my own personal traditions.
You can use your own, or whatever ceremonial format you prefer.).

1) Stand tall and breathe deep.
Become aware of your body in space and all the sensations it feeds you
about your physical state, and about your environment.

2) Lay down The World and say -
“I am the eye of the storm.
Earth supports me, and Heaven is my infinite vision!”

[* An Aside. The World card that comes to mind here - is that most beautiful one from the Thoth Tarot,
'The Universe'. To me, this is Eurynome, Queen of the Titans, dancing in ecstasy with Ophion the serpent
- her husband. She "...divided the sky from the sea, and while dancing on the waves,
created the north wind. The north wind grew lustful - she ceased him and created a serpent called Ophion,
and then assumed the form of a dove, to lay the universal egg out of which all creation came"
- from 'The Goddess Oracle' by Marashinsky and Janto. Here's the card: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/507569820483816182/].

Think about this as you say it.
Visualise grounding your energy into the earth ( perhaps growing energetic roots down
to a place of meaningful connection) and extending your awareness into a place above,
where “all souls meet”.

3) Turn to each quarter in turn, clockwise.
Laying down the appropriate quarter/elemental card (you are laying a card circle around yourself)
say -
“North, East, South, and West,
Guard me, and keep me at my best!”

As you say this imagine each quarter/section of your aura flaming into bright light.
You can visualise each as it’s corresponding colour.
When the circle is complete, the colours blend into an iridescent, transparent, reflective shield
or bubble around you.

THE cards I choose here are The 4 Aces.

4) Turn to each quarter in turn, in the opposite direction, anticlockwise.
Laying down the appropriate card, next to, below (inside your aura “thickening” it),
or above (outside your aura, further “fortifying” it) each of the quarter/elemental cards, say -
“West, South, East and North,
Guardians assemble and guide me forth!”

The cards here, will be what I have chosen to represent my quarter guides/spirits.
Either match a card to the guides that you have, OR, choose what card would most represent to you,
a “guiding and protective spirit” for each of these quarters/elements.

Visualise these guides materialising next to you, ready at your side, to be defensive warriors
and supportive presences. Feel their presence.
Thank them silently.
(As I have 5 guides - how pertinent for loving the Pentagram heh? ;) - so I may also lay down
a fifth card for this guide, and add the words:
"and above, below and within, for recourse").

5) Say -
“ I am a butterfly, I am bee.
I am all else that can be - ready for this day.”

SMILE again :) Think about butterflies and bees buzzing beautifully about their day.
And anything else that appears to accomplish this with grace.

(I couldn’t resist! “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” just leapt into my mind!
Too much Kung Fu probably…)

Pack your cards away, “sense” your empowered aura, and that you are protected - and go forth.

:joke: :joke: :royal: