Tarot deck brewing, but I need an artist...

Mr. Sluagh

Okay, I've got ideas for a Tarot deck brewing in my head, but I can't draw worth a damn. Maybe this is too much to ask, but I was wondering if someone who liked my ideas might endeavor to do the art for me. I'd also just like to see what comments you have on the cards that I've planned out. I've got five cards worked out in my head so far and I'm coming up with more daily. Here's what I've got so far:


The Fool plays contentedly in a small, fenced-in garden filled with grass and beautiful flowers without a care in the world. From his haven, three paths stretch into the distance: the path to the left leads to a deep, dark forest filled with menacing, glowing eyes and a huge, full moon rising over it. The path to the right leads to a shining, golden metropolis with gigantic, grandiose towers rising into the sky and a terribly bright sun burning above it. Between the two, a path stretches off farther than the eye can see with nothing but a lone star to light the way. A terrible, shadowy spectre approaches the Fool, threatening to shock him out of his joyous fugue and force him to choose one of the three paths.


The Hermit sits alone in the darkness, intensely studying his book as he has been for ages while the sun, the moon and three stars hover above his head. Surrounding him are numerous untidy stacks of books. Whether they keep him in, keep others out or both is open to debate.

THE FLAG (replaces the Tower)

A flag showing the sun flanked by a sword and a stave (haven’t quite settled on the design yet. Might change it once I read up on the old heraldric codes a little.) waves above a multitude of patriots as they cheer ecstatically, exalting in its glory. In the foreground, the Fool weeps in horror, repulsed by their naïvite.

THE HIEROPHANT (I might change this one to the Emperor

The Hierophant stands in front of a red curtain on an outdoor stage before throngs people loyal to him. He wears an immaculate blue suit with a black tie and a pin in the shape of a cornuccopia on his left lapel. He gestures flamboyantly as he charismatically extols the virtues of their nation. The same flag seen in “The Flag” stands to his right. On his podium are emblazoned the words “WE ARE THE TRUTH”.


Having reached the city of the Sun, the fool gazes in awe at its shining, golden towers. The streets are all paved with gold and long, twisting bridges stretch between the buildings. However, not all is right in this larger-than-life metropolis: little or no non-human life is visible. Soldiers in golden uniforms patrol the streets, imposing martial law on its citizens, and through the windows of the towers he sees workers who seem hurried, desperate and anxious.

So whaddya think? Btw, I'm leaning towards Faith, Passion, Genious and Imagination for the suites at this point, but I'll probably change my mind before I get to the Minors.


Perhaps if you don't find an artist, you could try a collage deck yourself? It might be fun.



She's right, you know...
There's no reason why you need to let a little thing like not being able to draw stop you from creating your deck. From the descriptions you've given, your concepts seem like subtle things, and maybe trying to explain them to another person would change them more than you'd want. Collage might be a good way to go, whether it's the oldfashioned clip-and-glue approach, or the more modern scan-and-photoshop method. Or even, if your collages still aren't what you would wish, at least you'd have something for your eventual deck artist to work from, which would get you that much closer to your ideal images.
You might even want to check out previous deck-making threads for other non-drawing ideas for deck creation. There's lots of information there.

Anyway, I certainly wish you good luck and success in the effort!


You have a very strong visual concept that can be fleshed in a few ways. Your descriptions are much like a still film scene without too many personal details cluttering the concept. Although the outline and theme of the scene is probably very much a personal vision.

Make 22 index card descriptions as your 'screenplay'. If you can do very strong majors, that carries a deck very far. You may be dealing with more than one deck, however, but don't be discouraged. Sometimes people work on the visual concepts of more than one or two projects at a time. Put a month and year date on each card concept--in retrospect, you may be surprised how influenced your concept was on news or other events of the time.

Other characteristics of the courts and minors and their scenes might occur to you---put that description in a notebook and don't worry about assigning their placement yet. Although sometimes one is lucky and a Page of Pentacles grins up at you in a flash.

I suggest taking pictures-snapshots-magazine clippings and keeping a few files of visual images that might strike you. The Fool weeping in horror might be a child looking mournful, an elderly woman or man in sorrow, or the back of someone in sihouette twisted and turned downward. A setting of people cheering might also go in the file. Guess what---you have two visual keys that will either flesh out your concept or work as a rough draft to a scene to photograph or even can be copied and collaged.

Don't forget the Victoria Regina tarot is one of the most interesting, innovative and yet true to its theme collage decks that I've encountered. It's very artistic and totally collaged. Would a black and white deck appeal to you? Your descriptions are strong enough to be placed in any time period and may not need color initially. These suggestions are hopefully helpful to you to start and maybe even carry your project forward in the material world. Link below might inspire--I've followed the Victoria Regina creation story with delight over the past few years.



Work the collage as large as you like, you can always shrink it down on color xerox later.

Mr. Sluagh

Thanks for your help, everyone. I think I'm going to call this "The Three Paths Tarot"...