Tarot Deck Creation Group - Types of decks


I found this link which inspirered me to think about types of decks that you can make yourself. This is an excellent example of a collage deck that even people who don't feel they can draw could create :)


What do you all think?


Yes I love collage decks, I sometimes do digital collage (finding pics on the net and pasting them all together in a paint program) The person who did this I believe is the same one who did the Victoria Regina deck, which was recently published by llwelyn. That deck is all in black and white tho. The problem with collage decks is copyrights, Id never try and have one published because if someone recognized one bit that you used as their art they could sue you. But, for a personal non profit deck, it can be fun :)

Major Tom

Speaking strictly for myself, I find the process of creating a deck more important than the product. The learning I've undergone while creating my deck is proving invaluable in terms of personal growth and transformation. Publication is only a secondary consideration in comparison.

Collage is an excellent way to go about creating your own deck especially if you feel you can't draw. Copyright issues can be avoided by limited the pictures you use to those that are in the public domain or taking photos yourself. Most of the photos in Major Tom's tarot are those that I have taken. The rest are photos that are either in the public domain (a very small minority) or photos that friends have taken.


Unfortunately, being the poor person i am, I dont have the money, nor talent for that matter, to take pictures myself for a deck, or the equipment to get them into a computer for that matter lol. I try to find royalty free images, but its not that easy to do, at least not for free onthe net, sometimes disks of them are availale to buy but theres that money issue again ;) That, and Im on a linux system, sometimes disks wont work on linux. I get a lot from free clip art pages, but free clip art usually is only free for nonprofit use, soI can get away with making and displaying a deck, but not publishing it :) I gotalink to a royalty free page theother day, Ill have to go check it out.


I wonder--has ANYONE thought of using old people photos (1800's to 1900's) for a deck? A lot of families have old photos of family members that could be scanned in & digitally added to backgrounds, etc. It would have a very 'old' feel to it, be 'artsy' and could really hit home. I've never seen anything done along this line before.

Yes, you'd need to find a lot of old photos, but that's what friends & family are for, aren't they?