Tarot Deck Creation Study Group

Major Tom

Kayne and I have exchanged email regarding starting a Tarot Deck Creation Study Group. (Although we were calling it Tarot Artists Study Group - it occurred to me that you don't have to be an artist to create a deck)

Anyway, Kayne said it better than I did in his email to me: "A tarot artists study group is a great idea. It could also include different types of media and people could
include different ways of achieving different 'looks' in their cards. It may also inspire others to make their own deck. It seems a lot of people are interested in making a deck for themselves - if they read about other people doing so it might just give them that extra oomph. I think we could include threads on all these different aspects of making a deck - wouldn't have to go in one particualar

The thing about making your own deck which is really important to me is that I am making it for me. Not to be published or make money. If the deck reflects and
expresses the artists ideas, visions and concepts of what tarot is and how it is for them - then they have succeeded :)

Great idea - let's get it happening!"

I would only add that we could also talk about symbology and meanings of cards as we create them. }>


Oh *shucks* Thanks MT! :p

I look forward to everyone's contribution...
(You don't have to have started your own deck - if you have ideas or no idea where to start, whatever! Your responce is welcome :) )


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i'm really interested in this study group. being a part of FACT has really created an interest in me to create my own deck. i realize i have clear likes and dislikes in decks. i've also found creative techniques that make it easier for me to do a card. i've wanted to do a deck for a few years now but felt i lacked the talent or ability or felt overwhelmed by the size of the project. if i was working w/ others trying to create their own deck it'd help me stay motivated, focused and less intimidated by the creative process. kind of like being in a creative support group, right?


Major Tom,

And, Kayne,

What a terrific idea!

Because of the kindness of Major Tom, who gave me one of his cards, I got to create ONE card for the Aeclectic tarot deck.

Let me tell you about creating this ONE card. And, I'll condense it a bunch. First, I looked at the card in all three of my tarot decks. (I also have a collector's deck, which is beyond the pale, and a BOTA deck I'm coloring myself, but which does not have illustrated minors, and I'm an illustrated guy.)

I read about the "meaning" of the card in all of my tarot books. I scanned hundreds of decks on Aeclectic and Tarot Passages, although my card is basically an invisible card and almost never used as an illustration.

I did dozens of "thumbnails," and quite a few more complete cards. I thought about the card. I watched pigeons circling in flocks over the canyons of city streets searching for a pattern I'd recognize in this one card.

(Didn't help that I'm artistically inept -- another story.)

But, I really feel, I did learn about this ONE card. At the rate I was going, I could'a created a complete deck in about 40 years.

A wonderful experience, a great way to broaden your understanding of tarot.

Maybe some of the people who created cards for the Aeclectic FACT deck will come here and discuss how they created their cards. Folks, there are some great cards in that deck.

Anyway, I hope to be a constant reader in this study group.



Id' like to join the group.
in fact, I'm interested in creating a deck with Lord Of The Rings theme since I like the book so much but the deck now, according to all reviews read, sucks.
But I'm not good at art....


I continue to be inspired by the fascinating new directions this Forum takes! Creating your own deck is such a personal process (since most of us are making them only for ourselves), but I've often wanted to talk about it with someone else who's tried it.

Since I am not an artist in the traditional sense (even "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" couldn't help me!), I knew that the only way I could create my own deck was to use my computer skills. So I'm using scans of classic paintings in my cards. I'm also adding quotes to each card to give them added dimension and meaning.

Anyway, I'll be interested to hear what's inspiring everyone else who's creating their own decks!

Thanks for starting another great Study Group, Mjr. Tom and Kayne!

By the way: I love your FACT card, T-man! All that background work has really paid off! There are so many great cards being added every day, I'm so excited to see the final deck complete!




I'd be interested too. Like Talisman, I learned so much about the Empress and Ace of Pentacles when creating them. I have also had it in my head to do my own Tarot deck for long time now, but have never really got round to doing it! Ah well....



Ive been interested for a very long time to create a Christian Tarot deck, all the ones Iveseen I dont really like allthat much except Tarot of the Saints, which I dont have money for lol. Im no artist either, soI thought Id do it withcomputercollage, but my graphics program is having a fit right now so Im not working on it.


This is a great idea! When I started searching tarot- to try to get more ideas for creating a deck- I had no idea I would actually find a place with others of like mind! How cool! I do have some artistic talent... (at least that is what everyone else tells me- I just think it is fun). I haven't gone much past the idea that ' I want to create my own deck'.
What are some things you look for in a deck? What makes one more appealing to you than another? I personally prefer the fantasy/medieval themes. (But I am still new to studying tarot- this idea was more a way for me to get back into my art- with a definate project).
Anxious to see where this goes
tempest fire