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Malachite said:
How much symbolism are you allowed on a tarot deck?,,,Is there an upper limit, can it get too crowded, or can it be so devoid of symbolism that no one else will ever understand it?...
I've been leaving plenty of white space on my card designs for some deeper symbolic references, but now i;m starting to wonder how much i need....
For example, we are always discussing minute details on the R-W, but how much of that is decor that we ourselves are finding meaning for, and how much is intentional symbolism?

if these cards are only for you just put what symbolism you pick up from the cards why would you put symbolism that you either dont understand or will never bother with on them? i feel that would just clutter the card, you want to know what the card means quickly without having to stare at it for 15 minutes which is what i have been doing when trying to read a couple of my decks LOL...but if it was for others as well, well thats a different story i guess...i'm sure you'll figure it out :) btw i think adding runes is a cool idea!


I guess I'd like to get them printed, and not just have norse pagans buy them, so it seems like its the windy road for me...


huff, its not working for me blumoon ):

ive been away for the weekend but now im back and ready to get going on the cards again :D

for now, here's my death card. i think buffy is the obvious choice for everyone, right? :)


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Hush - Thanks for your positive replies on all my cards :) I love your Buffy death card...cool :)

Blumoon - Not working for me either.

MajorTom - by H I meant Hermit...haven't done the Hierophant yet (Dumbledore strikes my mind for that one...Emperor or Hierophant) but I can definitely see a big connection between the Hierophant and High Priestess, too. Quit reading my mind, you're scaring me! LOL J/K.


My First Try

Here's my first try. This will be The Fool in my deck. Hopefully I've got the attachment thing figured out.



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One more

Here is my Death Card. What better figure to represent death than one of the un-dead. LOL



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that's really strange cause it works for me ..? hmmm....i first tried attaching the card but it wouldnt work...perhaps the browser i am using? (opera) i might try attaching it again with explorer or netscape...

nightwalker that is a very interesting take on the fool!



ok trying in netscape...*crosses fingers*



Wow, I never thought that the FACT project got me started with creating my own deck (this thought was so overwhelming, it seemed like climbing the Himalayan) but after having finished my knight of wands card I just started working with my second - an adaption of the Hierophant which I renamed Shaman.

I' love to join this group at least if work permits it.