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Interesting site...thanks for giving me the URL. I think I'm going to do Sirius for the Magickian though...I've always seen the Magickian as a little manipulative, but mostly good-natured or neutral...Sirius, from what I've understood from the MWPP days, is rather confident and a little manipulative...Dumbledore is more of the Emperor variety, he's a leader and a father figure, especially to Harry, and while he does manipulate and use things to his own and others' advantage, he usually does it with the intention of managing something or solving some type of problem.

ANYWAY! I'm going slower with the cards, trying to find images, and for some I'll have to wait til the other movies come out :-\ but hey I have time! I'll post more when I do them.




Earlier in this thread people were talking about the amount of symbolism that should go into each card. A couple of people said that there was no point to loading an image down with symbols which, in any case, the artist may or may not understand.

I agree, and I've tried to reduce the symbolism in my cards to the absolute minimum necessary to convey the basic meaning of the image.

For example, IV the Emperor:


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Oh good you found it :)

If you want you can start a new thread on your deck, if you want to bounce ideas around with people


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Blue_fusion20 - Definitely deserves it's own thread. Start a new one. })