Tarot Deck Creator Coalition (or something to that effect)

All Is One

Nope...email link doesn't work

I tried to contact Blue Fusion thru the contact link...
no go - as you said

I have a whole links page with only 2 blues bands
and A great tie-die site by Lunalafey...I have space to link an image from each of the decks on your site...if you wish to chose a card for each and
e-mail it to me with the page youwant linked, I will get it on there.

Text Links are fine too...e-mail me the link or I will try and get it
linked all together or seperately...or bulleted under main title.

Let me know by PM- or at the email listed in earlier message.



yay. thanks so much williehewes. we have a webring of sorts! :) we're inviting you guys to join us in promoting our decks! :)


We have light

blue_fusion20 good idea, I was thinking of the same thing but as I have very little experience in web design I didn't follow it up. Up it's always good when some one like you expresses their ideas on this forum!:)

For me I think it top!! even thought I haven't even design one card yet.
But saying that this will puss me to get my finger out.......so to speak and get the ball rolling.

WillieHewes it's nice of you to offer space on your site. I had a look at your other website and I think it's really cool it reminds me of another project which I should be working on.

This would be really good for others to show their work too! + the Publishers will know where to come!!!!



I'm in! You have done a great job WillieHewes! You say on the site that it is for non-yahoo sites... well, mine are yahoo sites. Does it matter?
Also, my decks are not finished yet...
Kayne's Celtic Tarot
21st Century Tarot


:) yay, so many enthusiasts! Actually, I just meant the webring wasn't yahoo-run (you know, yahoo took over webring.com, everything went to hell?)

Yahoo sites are perfectly welcome, of course. I'm working on a banner/button, so you can all link back in style, I'll put the new participants on when I have some more time, that'll be... Monday, probably. I have so much to do, my head hurts.



All Is One

Banner ?

W.H.> No Pressure ...know how you feel,
but whenever you do get the banner,
could you post a "cut and paste" link part- for the barely html literate among us... well-

OK- for me... who is not html anything, but I can cut and paste.

Good Luck with the headache.



OK, I'll do it tomorrow. I forgot to bring my stuff. *sighs*

A cut and paste link bit? Yes, that can be arranged.

I'd like to include an image of one card of each deck. AIO, could you send me a sample of one of your cards, or even just a scetch?

And Kayne, I'd like to use the sun for the Celtic tarot and the hitch-hiker for the 21st century tarot. Is it ok if I steal and use these images on the webring page?

Thanks all. Please check back tomorrow for the new and improved page! (It's purple.)



WillieHewes said:
And Kayne, I'd like to use the sun for the Celtic tarot and the hitch-hiker for the 21st century tarot. Is it ok if I steal and use these images on the webring page?
No probs! Go for it, you are doing a great job, thanks WH! :D


Hi all.

You're on now, Kayne. A bit later than I planned, but I've been busy. (you keep telling yourself that, Willie...)

AIO, I haven't put you up yet, not because I'm unwilling to do so, but because I'd like to link directly to the part of your site that has the tarot-images on it. If you plan to put the images online, that is. I could just link to your page as it is, but you wouldn't have an image like the others. So basically, let me know what you'd want. I'm actually really curious to what you're doing, so, please show us.