Tarot Deck Creator Coalition (or something to that effect)

Major Tom

kayne said:
Otherwise I think The Aeclectic Creators is better...

It is better. :)

I just wonder if we should have a reference to tarot or at least cards or possibly decks...

Anyone have a better idea?

If this is going to be an effective coalition - have we thought about what our common aims are?

I'd certainly be interested in hearing our collective thoughts. })



I want to reserve a cubby whole for the decks that are wandering around in my head but haven't touched paper or computer screen yet. :(

How about The Aecledtic Rediscoverers Of Tarot? Just had to }) Redeckorators?


how about the Guild of Tarot Creators/Artists/Artisans. whichever you prefer. :)

Major Tom

Re: Aaawww

juice said:
I want to reserve a cubby whole for the decks that are wandering around in my head but haven't touched paper or computer screen yet. :(

This sounds like a good purpose. :)

Don't we have to earn our keep?

Raise your hand if you'd like to sell your work... })

How important is it to *know* tarot cards before you start to make them? })

BTW WillieHewes - The linkback is up. :)


Hello again everyone.

Have we decided on the name yet? I think we need a vote.

Also, if you know of any other people who have a website with their own cards on it, let us know so we can ask if they want to join the webring.

I know the descriptions on the webring page are a bit sparse, by the way. You're free to write your own description. Just pm it to me or something, and I'll gladly put it in. :)

*aims to please*



We've got a new addition to the webring. And a good one, I think! :) It's a Harry Potter tarot with original drawings. Very stylised, very beautiful. Have a look:





I'm planning a revamp of the site http://www.tarotcards.tk and would appreciate your help. On one part in particular, the short descriptions of your decks/sites. I know they are a bit crap and I'm sure you could give much better descriptions yourself, perhaps hinting on the premise of your deck, describing your technique or ... I don't know. Anyway, please reply to this thread with a description, so I can put them on the page. Otherwise I have to think them up myself, and after half an hour of wrestling with html, I'm usually not very inspired anymore.

Thank you! :)

PS: aren't we growing fast?


oh. and what if we also have a separate page to showcase longer reviews/descriptions of the individual decks? so that there'll still be shorter descriptions on the main page. :)


Sure thing Willie - you are doing a GREAT job!!!

*Kayne tries to think of suitable descriptions...*

I'll get back to you when I have it... (You're right, it's hard...)