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Does anyone here have any good tarot dedications to cleanse and protect their new decks? Please share- I recently acquired a new deck!


You know, when I began reading cards, I never did this as I had never heard of doing this before. Then, I came here to A.T. and heard about it and I did try to do this to a few decks I already had. But, it became more of a chore and not always convenient to do, etc. so I soon got away from that too.

I realized that it really isn't necessary, unless you personally wish to do it. In that case, there are a number of things you can do.

Many people like to burn sage and smoke the cards. I did try this--but couldn't stand the aroma of burning sage--it smells a lot like pot. Others put crystals on the deck and leave it in a full moon, etc. etc. I've done this as well. I do still once in a great while, especially under a full moon. I don't think it really does anything much to it though. Its more of a superstition, I think now, but sometimes it just makes ME feel good to do this.

But on a regular basis--I'm beginning to think that just using the deck yourself and getting use to it and getting to know it, is the best way to dedicate it for its purpose!

I've received many various tarot decks over the years--some brand spanking new and some used. My #1 reading deck was a gift from a customer of mine and she had found it in the 2nd hand shop. We have no idea who owned it before--but it came with really good energy. Maybe due to the person who did own it before or perhaps because it was a gift to me from a very lovely lady. :) Who knows? But, it feels comfortable in my hands and it was a well worn deck when I received it. So, I think using the decks over and over again is what helps to give the deck its very special feeling and dedicating it to the job was meant to do. :)


I don't do anything. I just shuffle and start using the cards. I think having too many superstitions can hinder our learning because it takes our focus away from card meanings, combination meanings and all those other things that are helpful in reading the cards. :)


Does anyone here have any good tarot dedications to cleanse and protect their new decks? Please share- I recently acquired a new deck!

I shuffle them. That works better than anything.


Me too. I don't do anything of this sort. I guess the closest thing I did to protect my decks is when I started reading I asked that all my answers come from a place of love and light only and come up in the way that will best benefit the client. (And that the querents I can most help be drawn to seek me out).

I asked a number of times starting out. And it has always been true. I've never seen anything less than loving and positive from any of my decks. (And I have over 100)

It applies equally to all decks I use as I asked that ALL my answers come from a purely positive place. And if that is so, then there is no need to protect decks, imo, as there is nothing to protect them from and only positive energy will ever touch them.

That's my opinion of it.



I'm of the 'cards-are-cardboard' school, so the only thing I ever do is count the cards to make sure I have a full deck and shuffle them thoroughly.


:joke: I'd be "Dedicating and protecting" to kingdom come with my collection. :)
So I rarely do this. I just start using as people have said here so far - and then I soon discover what the particular use for the deck might be.
Then just using it for that purpose is enough "programming" in my mind for me.

- You could - leave it on a moonlit windowsil.
- Place it in a crystal grid (if you have crystal points you could have the points outwards first, signifying clearing/drawing unwanted or unspecified energy away. Then reverse them to point inwards to direct new +ve energy into the cards.
- You could place a dedication note underneath the deck whilst you do all this (handwritten intension of deck's purpose). Then when complete, burn the intension releasing it in rising smoke to The Universe.
- You could wave incense, or a bell or tuning fork over it whilst you say some dediciation words... say something like:

Powers of Earth and Sea, Might of Moon and Sun, I consecrate this deck for the use of X - by all the Powers seen and unseen, may it be clear and bright for this purpose.




For me it depends lot on the deck. I always dedicate them in some way, but not always before I start using them. I guess I see it as more of a celebration of the deck and a commitment to our work together. The dedication itself is influenced by the personality of the deck itself, so they often end up being quite different.

For The Raven's Prophecy, they were run through sage smoke then passed through earth, while covered by soil a tiny bit of water was sprinkled on the earth. Finally they were held up to the light of the sun. I then said a blessing over them. That night I slept with it under my pillow and visualised my energy flooding into them while theirs flooded into me as I slept.

However, for the Deviant Moon, there was sound, movement and moonlight, and it was done on a beautifully clear and cold night.

I think it's lovely to be creative with dedications and - as has already been said - do things which mean something to you and the deck in question. I'm planning a special one on Samhain with my Earthly Souls and Spirits - very exciting! Which deck is it that you've got?


I've started doing an interview with a new deck before I start reading with it, to find out what kind of deck it is, how it likes to be read and strengths and weaknesses. I make a note of this in a notebook and make a commitment to use the deck for readings that best suit it's personality and style. I store my decks with big chunks of clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. I occasionally pass them through incense but that's as woo as I get.


Does anyone here have any good tarot dedications to cleanse and protect their new decks? Please share- I recently acquired a new deck!

I'm also normally the type that just get's a deck, interviews it and then starts using and studying it. No cleansing involved

Until I got my Mary-El that is

This deck is so beautifully heavy that I went out and got a Black Tourmaline. Oh my! *lightning bolts from heaven striking*

It sits with my Mary-El just fine and let's me feel comfortable with the energy that the deck holds because I am also a firm believer that psychic energy (psychological energy that is) can and does emit through any form of artwork. So every copy of the Mary-El carries the same energy but is filtered through a different awareness (that's the diverse effects the deck has on people)

I don't think that decks 'carry' energies though so I don't think I'd repeat this same crystal buying process with another deck

To each their own