Tarot Ethics II

New River

Starshine, hi! i've been going thru the same dilemma! but i sat down and came up with a design for business cards, get this, using my prisma pencils! i chose the sun and moon card and made them really simple but colorful.

you know, i only live a few miles from you! i have to say it can be kind of nerve wracking to put yourself 'out there' to do readings in this area. or maybe i'm not giving people around here enough credit! i don't know any other tarot readers, have always been on my own. but now that i work in an art gallery in Rochester, IN i am meeting more like-minded people.

i say Go For It! it takes a while for word of mouth to happen. but i think people love business cards and who knows when they might decide to call! good luck and maybe we can meet some day! love and light, New River

Major Tom

We are all free to do whatever we want to do. Isn't that simple and clean and clear? Isn't that a great way to run a universe?

Richard Bach Illusions


Starshine: I agree about business cards. They contribute to a professional image. Should someone inquire about Tarot, you can offer your business card & suggest the person contact you. Gem's insight is on target. The card is more likely to be kept than a scrap piece of paper. The business can be an unobtrusive reminder. I've received some business from handing out my business card, sometimes months later!
At the time I took my design to a local printer, I didn't know there was a limited special offer on business cards--I was able to obtain 500 business cards for about $36. The results exceeded my expectations, & I was glad I heeded the feeling to wait or I would have had to pay more.
Major Tom: I have enjoyed Richard Bach's books. He thinks out of the box.
This gives me an idea for another post!