Tarot Haikus

Lil Red

For a whole hour I've been playing with my tarot of the sweet twilight to find ways to do readings in a different style but instead I found a way to use it for creative writing. I'm a huge fan of writing haikus so to motivate me to write more haikus I got my deck and started shuffling. I picked 3 cards the first card will be only 5 syllabols, the second one 7 syllabols and the third card 5 syllabols. What I did after that I just look at all 3 cards to see what caught my attention and just wrote down whatever came in my mind.

An example:

To live as freely (10 of chalice) -> My inspiration in this one was the woman and man hold their hands together as well laying down without any worry

We learn to love each other (the empress) -> This one I used the heart of the woman cheek and crown as well the world that she hold on her hand

It’s a gift we share (6 of pentacles) -> The last one I used was the woman throwing coins to anyone who is there


It was a fun way to pass the time as well it can be use in any deck or oracle you have so far I only wrote 5 haikus using my Sweet Twilight tarot, just wanted to share it with all you guys.

Lil Red

Here is my other 4 haikus


Ready to flutter (temperance)
To explore and live freely (knave of pentacles)
Nothing stands my way (7 of wands)


Listen to your heart (the high priestess)
Don’t turn your head to the wrong (the devil)
Our love is stronger (knight of chalice)


Move forward, don’t turn (5 of swords)
Be brave to stand your own ground (7 of wands)
Don’t flick any harm (3 of swords)


The person and I (the fool) -> The person is meant to be a higher being
Torn between two sides to choose (the emperor)
I decide not fate (strength)


Just wanted to say I really like your use of haiku with the tarot.

Always keep learning and doing :)


Ooh, I LOVE this idea! I might just have to use it... ;) I love creative writing and poetry.


petals of firelight
unfurl; the Tower is struck
by thunderous flowers


Great idea, Lil Red. Your example haiku was especially nice to read.

I'd like to add one, if I may. :) (Using RWS, I drew Rx 8 of Wands, 7 of Pentacles, and Rx 5 of Swords). I also study Japanese and thought it would be fun and good practice to try both languages.


Unable to leave
There is still work to be done
No chance to escape


RWS: 6W/0/9W

fuel for the fire
bearing crowns, fool's goods and wounds:
staff yoke and crutches


Bacchic drinkers dance
tiny lizards at their feet
heads and hands and limbs


two bald-headed men
look up at the holy light:
a pidgeon's blessings



since her pair of cups
were exchanged for a big one:
a heavy burden


the crow squawks, his key
scattered on the winds of change
resting quiescent

Wild Unknown: Hierophant, Five Wands, Four Cups.


RWS: QofC/7W/PofS

her wavering moods
he escapes on the high ground
and battles the winds