Tarot heat


I read mostly with the same pack (of 28 packs). They are kept in boxes. One day, reaching over for a box and not looking, I felt a warmth over the packs, but much more over the pack I usually use.

Do other people get warmth from packs they use a lot ?



as I only use one deck for reading, I suppose this would be my "warm one", but when I do readings with a relationship spread, one pile of cards stands for one person, another for the other, and then I use the temperature method (by holding my hand over the two piles to see which one is warmer) to determine which pile is which person.



Quote:Do other people get warmth from packs they use a lot ?

I have less than a dozen packs, and though I have my favorites, I don't always use the same deck. But, the way I decide which deck to use is by passing my hand over the lot of them, and choosing the one that generates the most energy, ie gives off the most heat.

That's also how I chose my cards during a reading. I don't draw from the top of the deck one by one. Instead, I pass my hand over the shuffled pile and pull the ones that seem to be brimming with the most energy. I would definitely say it's a warm feeling I get, though there was one time that the energy felt cool (though I don't remember the circumstances).



when i first looked through the thoth deck, it felt hot in my hands. other than that, the decks i use normally have no heat associated with them.
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Have noticed my hands getting warm at various times. Sometimes I use the following method to choose cards for a spread after they are shuffled & cut.
I fan out the cards & hold a hand over the cards, slowly passing the hand over them. If my hand warms up &/or tingles over a card, it is chosen for the spread. During readings my hands also warm up &/or tingle; & often the rest of the body does, too.


Oops, sorry: forgot to include I choose the deck according to what appeals at the moment & not for any phenomena of sensing "heat" from a deck I'm aware of. I am aware of my hands warming up during the process of Tarotwork & of sensing "heat" from individual cards.


My hands will tingle when I'm using a favourite deck, usually the Rider Waite or Astro tarot but I don't usually feel any heat. I don't get that tingle with my other decks, but I also suffer with headaches when doing a reading but when I do the readings are worth it :)