Tarot imagery + LBRP... and other things.


Tarot imagery + LBRP... Ritual Time!

*(N.B. Uncertain whether this should be in the Thoth subforum - but leaving it here for now. It's about LBRP - but I'm not using a Thoth deck).


Following on from previous discussions about using tarot for spirit guides/ancestors, and thinking further on my practice of using a tarot deck as a ritual tool (ala Donald Tyson "Portable Magic - tarot is the only tool you need"), I have been toying with using a deck along with my personally modified LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram).
I'd just like to share this here - seeing as I presently haven't any other peeps with whom I can share it.

Basically, I have a tarot deck selected for the purpose (Barbara G. Walker's Tarot).
As I go through the LBRP (this can be saying it in my head, out aloud, or reading it from a printed sheet) I lay down a card that represents each section or sentence, and study it at the-same-time as I'm thinking of/visualising the words I'm saying.
The card I select from the deck is an image which visually "matches for me" - and is not necessarily related to the meaning/associations of that card. So it's really just using the imagery as it best fits me, in that moment.

I sort of lay them out in a pattern before me - so for instance, the 4 cardinal points - East (E), South (S), West (W) and North (N), I'll line up in their correct places on the visualised circle around me.
The directions of personal space - Before me (B4), Behind me (Bh), to my Right (R), to my Left (L), - and in my case Above (A) and Below (B) - I'll then lay out inside the circle and infront of me.
I may or may not use a "Within me" card (I). (7 is a magic number for me and any protective circle that I draw for myself will have 7 directions - copied from a Shamanic pattern. I don't always name the 7th - the "Within" - sometimes is just ME standing in the centre of it all).

X is where I'm sitting - Just because it's the best place due to the
shape and organisation of my room (working with what I have :) I'm sitting on my bed.
And ofcourse - the scale of the diagram is a bit incorrect. The cards are not that far away from me (or I wouldn't be able to see them :joke: I'm sure you can use your imaginations.).








My modified LBRP is an amalgamation of the Golden Dawn LBRP and the modified Dianic LBRP, with the addition of my own spirit guides (substituted for the 4 Archangels :) ).

N.B. - I'm well aware there may be some raised eyebrows to my modified LBRP.
:) In this case, please keep your horror to yourself. :)
I'm not a ceremonialist. I'm a simple HedgeWitch who has found a few ceremonial bits and pieces helpful to my personal practice.

Interestingly, and rather pleasingly - adding the cards to my practice in this way has so far made the process more "vivid and lasting" in my "minds eye" and awareness.
i.e. I really "feel" more that the whole creation process has stuck. Days later the effects are clear in my consciousness in a way that is different from previously.


Hmm. To be further explored.
And I think I'll be trying this with various other spells (prayers if you like) and mantra's that I recite.

Anyone out there doing anything similar??