Tarot Magick Anyone?


I agree with Nisaba, it is your will, and the cards are a focal point.

I have the first addition of the book, and have used it a few times. I really got good results, but I just used the focal points, and didn't follow the spells exactly as she wrote them.


I've wondered about Portable Magic. Do you recommend it? Is it worth owning? :)

Portable Magic is a good read. Its quite useful as its designed to be a working guide to practising magic with only a deck of tarot cards, no other accessories required. The other GD based Tarot magic books I've ready used a deck, as well as a lot of other paraphernalia. Portable Magic is based on the idea that you lay out a ritual "spread" on a table and project yourself into/onto them, and that is all that's needed. Its easy to follow and useful.

If you want something GD based with all the trappings, the Cicero's: Tarot Angels is very comprehensive.


I've wondered about Portable Magic. Do you recommend it? Is it worth owning? :)

Yes. As long as you're willing to practice a bit with it, it's great.


Well, you guys convinced me. I just ordered 'Portable Magic'. :)


total coolness.

Just used my cards in rituals for two of my firends, both completely effective! of course i didnt have a book, but still, it was kinda awesome!


I kind of want to now haha , although I've never really tried using magic at all D: haha

I haven't really, either, but I bought a couple of books as I started getting into Tarot, and I do want to give it a try... Plus, it seems like Tarot is already plugged into some pretty amazing energies as it is, so why not see if the two can work together, is my take on it at the moment...;)


What the Tarot thinks

I once asked the Tarot about using the cards for magic. I got the Queen of Swords and the 5 of Cups. I'm interpreting this as: "Good for practicing mental exercises, but cold and sad, this path leads to regret and negative thought cycles"; I'm guessing from this that the Tarot feels healing and guidance is it's best use.



It always depends on what kind of rituals you do (with tarot or without) - as I use rituals for guidance too, tarot fits perfectly