Tarot Magick Anyone?


Currently reading Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot by Hyatt & DuQuette. Solid thus far.


"Fascinating, Jim."

Agree. I think it was a warning not to get stuck in Wish Land. I've asked my sister for a Tarot Spell book for my birthday, so am interested in what you guys have to say and how you work with this.


What Nisaba said, totally. I've been doing this for years, sometimes with *standard* rituals, but more often than not creating my own. I have Tarot for the Green Witch, Tarot & Magic, plus, the Tarot of a Moon Garden companion book has a ton of ready-made rituals in it. They're all good for reference, but I prefer to mix & match, according to my needs & desires at the time. Even for solstice Sabbats, I'll utilize tarot cards, along with stones, herbs, flames, even a handmade personal portable protection circle that's strung with appropriate minerals to align with the earth's poles (but what if the poles are really 'off' like I've heard about?) :confused: I see nothing wrong with pulling cards for a specific desired outcome & using them in a 'ritual'. It's absolutely not necessary; it's all a matter of enhancing your focus.

I maybe need to get that book, Portable Magic - never even heard of it. Is it really worth it?


Hello Elise

Personally I like the book, even if I don't use the spells the same way, but always try to personalise them.

For the rest, it always depends on what you want to do... but that concerns each kind of spells.





I've spent the day thinking about what to ask for... Or rather: how to frame my request. I feel like I've just found a door I never realised was there. Tarot is just too awesome, right?

Thanks for your reply.





Yes, awsome is the word.

I am taking NLP Lessons and can see already how to use tarot in there.
So I wonder whether there are any limits to tarot?




Tarot Magick

Thanks you guys now my Amazon wishlist has grown by like 4 books LOL.

I am a witch and use tarot for readings, meditating and magick all the time. I just want to say, do what feels right for you! Use rituals from books and / or write your own, do what feels right to you! The tarot will intergrate in your life the way you want it to. Incase I hadn't said it before..... Do what feels right for you!!

Okay I think I made my point.

I just bought the Tiny Tarot, the cards are so small and I am planning on making amulets and medicine bags / spell bags with them. As they are so small, they fit easily in little bags or even spell bottles you make.

I am going for a promotion at work and I am so going to use my tarot for that.
You can even write your wish in the back of a tarot card and burn it to send it of into the universe. (Use a deck you have bought specificly for the purpose of magick.)

The posabillities are endless. Have fun and experiment!

BB Amber


I wouldn't try it myself as...Id get it very wrong! It'd be a ugly mess and I don't trust myself to get it right


Right on, AmberFox

I like your style.
I use my tiny tarot in ritual often. Remember, you can photocopy
cards in color, then write on them, burn them, add to amulets, etc.

As a tarot spell question (to all), I notice a trend to only use one card,
and then meditate, activate, etc.

Does anyone else use a story or timeline display in their spellwork?

I've only seen one person in the forums list using GD full ritual. Any one
hiding in the lurk zone?

Magic (or magick) with the Tarot is something I have real interest in,
and I would love to converse more with anyone about it.
Thanks everyone!


Hello Frindle,

I seldom use one card, as well in rituals as in a timeline for a spiritual travel.

Could you tell me what 'GD full ritual' is?