Tarot of Prague : 2d or 3d edition ?


Hello !

If you had to give advice to someone wishing to get a copy of the Tarot of Prague, and they had the choice between the second edition and the third edition, which one would you advise them to get ?

Thanks for the insight ! And if you explain why I will appreciate it very much !



The 3rd edition, hands down. The metallic highlights alone make it the winner in my book. Add to that the amazing cardstock, enhanced imagery, and gorgeous packaging.


Thank you Athena,
I thought so much because the 3d edition is absolutely stunning. But I have never seen the 2d edition so I cannot compare... hence the thread. Thanks!

Wheel of Fantastic

I own a copy of both the 2nd and 3rd editions and the 3rd edition is the best. Improved artwork, metallic highlights and still easily available - it wins.


I own a copy of both the 2nd and 3rd editions and the 3rd edition is the best. Improved artwork, metallic highlights and still easily available - it wins.

Absolutely! i have had all three editions, and if i had to pick only one--It would definitely be the 3rd edition--hands down!


Thank you very much for your answers :)

Having only the 3d, I was not sure of what to tell my friend. I told her about the beautiful metallic ink on the 3d, but I had heard that the other editions were also very good, especially the first apparentlly, though the 1st is more difficult to get.

One reason I was not sure is because I have the Bohemian Gothic in two versions : the 2d edition and the 3d edition, and I prefer the 2d edition because of the beautiful cardstock (slightly thicker, matte, soft to the touch.... makes a soft shh shh sound when shuffling...)
So I know the Tarot of Prague 2d edition does not have the metallic ink overlay, but what if the cardstock is the same beautiful thing as the Bohemian Gothic 2d edition ? That made me wonder.
Also I did not know about the box. I know the Tarot of Prague 1st edition came in a nice book-cover presentation (though I never saw it myself in the flesh) and I know the 3d is in the beautiful sturdy lidded box that Baba give their decks now. But for the 2d edition I dont' know. I think it is a tuckbox from the pictures I saw, but I am not sure.

But thanks to your answers, now I will confirm that the Tarot of Prague 3d edition is probably a better choice. Thank you !

In any case, I take the opportunity of this thread to ask :
Is there any other deck from Baba studio that has the thicker, soft matte cardstock that they gave to their Bohemian Gothic 2d edition ?

Thank you !

Wheel of Fantastic

The 2nd Edition Tarot of Prague does come in a tuck box.

I don't own the Bohemian Gothic 2nd Edition, only the 3rd so can't help with the cardstock comparison. All my early Baba decks date from 2004 to 2006/7 (ToP 2nd; Bohemian Cats 1st Edition, Fantastic Menagerie) and they all have a slightly thicker cardstock than ToP 3rd/Bohemian Gothic 3rd. I believe the cardstock for Bohemian Gothic 2nd is different from these early decks from threads I've read in the past.

I still think the Tarot of Prague 3rd Edition is the one to get; the 1st and 2nd editions tend to go for lots of money on EBay.