Tarot of Prague cafe club - 7 of Wands


Just a thread opener for this card - and a first impression off the top of my head

He's not fighting, he's dancing. The other wands are dancing with him. He's performing some kind of complicated steps on the wall over the river -an acrobat, is he? It reminds me of those pole dances you see in I forget which part of the world.

I love his doll-like face and the little page costume.


OK so this is the card for the week that is almost finished! I had better get myself in gear... as indeed the card itself suggests. Get your sturdy outdoor dancing shoes, it's telling me, and hop on that thin wall over the river - find balance in risk (OK, so I am bringing in a bit of my own situation here, but like others, I find it hard to related meaningfully to a card outside context).

One thing I love about this card is the depth of perspective - all the way across the river, up the hill, to the cathedral and the soft sky above. The softness tempers the energy of the dancing person - is it a man, or a girl dressed as a man? The Cathedral, as ever, a reminder of beauty and eternity - no matter what actions we take, what pole-dancing we do, where we go, and how we get there, some things stay the same, some things remain strong in our hearts and souls, like a cathedral remains the heart and soul of a European city through the centuries.

The water is gentle and flows - reminding us of the ever-changing flow of life - a heraclitean thought. People living in the houses by the water have all the leisure to find out that they never bathe in the same river twice. But the figure in the foreground turns his back to the water - too absorbed in the moment and the movement for philosophy.


More thoughts on that card: it reminds me of living life on the edge. You need to be supple and have inner balance for that.


You know, it began life modelled by a friend of ours. He is Tartarian, and has the temperament to go with that. He LOVES getting into fights - a guy with a permanent black eye!

So even though we changed the card totally, and in fact used a figure from the traditional Czech playing card pack - that feeling of fighting and dancing is still there.

Have to say it reminds me (for better or worse) of an attitude you find in parts of Ireland too - where a night in a bar is no fun if it doesn't end in a good punch-up.

I am NOT saying I approve of this - just that yes, it's part of what this card conveys.


Very funny!

It reminds me of a scene I witnessed a few years ago up here in the mountains, in a local bar. They were showing the rugby, Scotland-England. England was winning. There was a group of Scostmen in the bar, wearing kilts, and quite a few Englishmen. The Scots kept taunting the English and tried ot start a fight, but the stoic Englishmen just laughed at them and cheered their team. Finally one Scotsman got up and shouted to his mates - "hey, I'm a Sassenach!" (an Englishman). They all piled on top of him and started a brawl (I moved away a few paces, but stayed to watch). Then, suddenly, their brawl turned into dancing, and they were all singing and reeling in their kilts. Everyone looked and cheered, even the English.

Energy, perhaps, is one key to that card.


There's something of the Errol Flynn about him - [I'm pirate-preoccupied right now, lol]. I can see him using that stick like a pole-vaulter, flying off the edge and into a waiting escape boat below, if need be. He might seem alone, but there could be hidden allies.


Oh, Erroll Flynn - definitely.
Swinging on the chandelier away from Prince John's table, fights two fights at once, with a wink at Lady Marian, and then up the falling gates and back to Sherwood!


There is a verse coming into my mind...
"can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"


I like the wand behind his back. Kinda like a Jiu-jitsu man or some kind of martial artist.

He looks like he stepped out of the Marseille-and into Prague.

Also, he looks a little like he is late to his wedding, you know, with the church behind him? I think I could see this card as having something to do with Pre-wedding day jitters......


elf said:
There is a verse coming into my mind...
"can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

Oh, that's nice! Yes, I see what you mean. But the gingerbread man ended up being eaten up didn't he? This guy needs to be careful not to be over-confident - one day all the posturing and fighting and bragging could catch up with him.

He's definitely cock-of-the-walk for now though - and yes, I think he'd be a hard man to get to the altar - though I bet that more than a few have tried.