Tarot of Prague café club 8 of pentacles


An ornate fence with dolls and pentacles. It is on practical skills, it seems. Also linked with learning and mastering techniques. Showing acquired skills. A chef-d’oeuvre!

Little Baron

Can anyone help me out with this one? I have no accompanying material.

Is it as simple as perfecting skill and work? I see that some of the dolls have little tooks and are supposedly working.

I think of working hard, learning and laying foundations for the future.

Am I on the right track? Any info you can give me specific to the details of the Prague card would be most appreciated.


Queen of Disks

It looks like two of these minature people are working to build a fence. The other four people have their hands up in expressions of "what are they doing?" or "now what do we do?" The man on the top left might be giving directions. There is what appears to be an eagle at the top. He holds a hammer in his talons and a golden horseshoe in his beak. I'm not sure what he represents. The rewards of hard work? I don't know.

I first thought that this card was about group effort and hard work, but it looks to me like only some of the people are working! So I don't know...