Tarot of Prague Café Club - Knight of Cups

Bean Feasa

This has to be the most visually stunning minor card in the deck. The shades of gold and lavender/purple seem almost at odds with each other symbolising, perhaps how the Knight's dreaminess is at odds with pragmatic reality. The purple seems to seep and stream from the horse who is suspended upside down (like the Hanged Man - I wonder if there's some significance in that) down to the city below, tinging the snowy rooftops of the city. Is this how the world seems to the Knight? Does he look at it through lavender coloured glasses; is everything for him filtered through the fantastic light of dreams?

The cup that he holds aloft reminds me of the monstrance in which the host is displayed for adoration at the Catholic ceremony of Benediction (dredging up the old childhood memories here). That too has sun like rays radiating from it. In the card, this is echoed by hazy sunshine coming through the trees along the horizon below. Suggestive of optimism, perhaps, and possibility. Perhaps the qualities of the Knight are helpful on the journey towards the joy and brilliance of the Sun card.

It has to be remembered that, on this horse, despite its amazing aura, Sir Knight is not actually going anywhere. He can bring gifts of imagination and emotion to the world, but I can imagine situations where he would be quite redundant, a hindrance even, sitting around daydreaming, torchbearing, when there's work to be done.


Hi, I was just passing the Cafe Club and thought I would pop in for a few minutes while waiting for the bus.....

my feelings about this card:

My first reaction is a kind of distaste for the dead horse (that's what it looks like to me), not just dead but kind of degraded.

BUT... I look further, its comical and attention seeking - not real.

The colours of purple and gold are theatrical and mystical, is he puting on a show? He is drawing attention to himself, on show above the city where many people can see him and he looks victorious. This is where he is comfortable, in the unreal, make believe world.

The cup held aloft with the sun rays splayed out remind us that there is nothing wrong with wishes and dreams - they make us happy and give us a goal at times

He's a knight, which means he is active, engergetic and enthusiastic about the suit he represents, this could be none other than the Knight of Cups.


Bean Feasa

Hi Moonbow, thanks for dropping by (that's your nicest avatar yet, btw!)
I must say I didn't think the horse was dead! Eccentric, certainly, otherworldly maybe, but never dead. On the one hand, it's not a very inviting thought, but on the other hand it's kind of funny - wouldn't that be just like the Knight of Cups, to hop up on a horse without noticing it was dead. I'm also thinking of the phrase 'don't flog a dead horse' - could that describe how the Knight approaches his quest, keeping on after his object of love and adoration even when it's hopeless. Hmmm, interesting.


Bean Feasa said:
I'm also thinking of the phrase 'don't flog a dead horse' - could that describe how the Knight approaches his quest, keeping on after his object of love and adoration even when it's hopeless. Hmmm, interesting.

What a great way to remember the card meaning.... Dead or alive it looks kind of 'unreal' all trussed up with a Knight on top!

The more I look at this deck, the more I see in it. My trouble is I have too many to study, I'll pop in again when the bus is passing!


Bean Feasa

Okeleydokely Moonbow! The bus stop's just outside the café, and I'm usually at a window seat, so I'll keep an eye out for you ;)


This is a great card too, isn't it? I see this knight as having high aspirations but he can be unrealistic. Some of his ideas and plans are up in the air. He probably has lots of ideas but rarely follows them through.

I think the horse could be reflecting the knights changeable character. 'Today I'll ride it this way round, just to be different'. Perhaps he looks to be unconventional and unusual. Maybe he is an attention seeker? He certainly would make people look up if he rode the horse this way round. That said, he looks pretty comfortable up there.

The sunrise glistening on the rooftops gives an impression of freshness. I suspect that he is capable of bringing a 'breath of fresh air' to certain situations, even if they are unrealistic.

I love the hint of colour in this card, it makes it look so fantastical.

J :)


This confirms what I have always suspected of Sir Knight of Cups. He is in lala land! Doesn't he realize his horse is dead? Take your eyes off that cup and look around Sir Knight! :)

Well, we can see that Sir Knight of Cups is a man that is wrapped up in his emotions that sometimes he does not see what is going on around him. He is definitely not going to any battle on that horse. Do you think it ironic, the wings on his helmit indicating the swift messenger, yet he is on a dead horse?

To me, this means a break from travels. Having feelings that you can not seem to express. Being wrapped up in ones emotions. Enjoying that feel good moment while it lasts.


I under the impression that this knight want his wishes becoming reality. Or imposing his fantasies to reality. I see him a bit like a missunderstood artist.


He is riding the horse upside down simply because he thinks he can! :)

And apparently he is! How else did he get up there on the rooftops? A dead horse can't do that. ;) Let's just say he got the horse at a used horse-lot and the salesman said this horse will take you anywhere you need to go and I'll let you have it for half off (seeing it rides upside down and all). ;-D He also apologized for the bad paint job, but Mr. Knight said "oh that's quite groovy, as I am heading to Woodstock! I'll fit right in over there!".

Don't mind me. I think this card is quite out there, and I love it! :)

Little Baron

Could we look at this knight as being so wrapped up in his own emotions that he misses what is going on awround him in the physical world? He is absorbed with that cup. Could that be unrealistic feelings that have little bearing on the actual physical world? It may all be passing him by while he hangs out way above all that is going on in the streets below?