Tarot of Prague - King of Swords


First and foremost, this King is at the front of the card, so we know he's a leader! All the chaos and confusion is behind him. He will soon sort that out and put some order to the card but if he's not careful he culd be seen to be dominating. He is logical and methodical. He represents intellectual authority. Looking at the card, I get the sense of looking up to him, he sits high, so he commands some respect and this also points to his leadership qualities. He appears to maintain order and self control.

The Angel's sword has kinks or waves in it. She wields her kinked sword in a somewhat uncontrolled fashion. There is a feeling of not really being aware of what damage she in inflicting in the process. She just happens to have damaged the tree but it is not a clean cut. The King, on the other hand, holds his sword forcefully and powerfully. So we have two extremes here, this King can be straight and fair and decisive in command but he can also cause 'waves', be destructive and possibly aggressive.

The bird of prey has to be cunning, clever and keen in order to catch his prey so I suspect this King is not easily fooled, he doesn't miss much.

There appears to be wheat in the background, which I have seen on another King of Swords card, I think its the Morgan Greer. Wheat symbolises growth and creativity and so perhaps his sword is used to bring ideas into fruition?



I like this king! Makes me think of Charlemagne. The picture on the card is pretty close to one I saw attributed to Charlemagne (well, of what he may had look like). I think Charlemagne could be a fitting king of swords.

Now, I am trying to get a tune about Charlemagne out of my head...


Hmm, I sort of had a different take on this card. I think the woman in the background signifies a less traditional form of power. The tree that she has cut has a serpent around it, I think it's the tree of false knowledge?

The king to me represents pride (albeit good or bad). This card tells me to take pride in my life, but not be too prideful because it can all be cut away easily.