Tarot of the Magical Forest - 6 of Wands


from lwb: the dream triumphs, reality brings hesitation and delay.

This card always reminds me of putting the carrot in front of the horse
to get it to move forward. There needs to be motivation in order
to get the job done. Things not moving as fast as you want on their
own, they need a push. I like the head of the animal, it appears to be
a turtle? that would definitely explain the slow moving and hesitation.


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Magical Forest- Six of Wands

When I see this card I think of someone that is tooting their own horn or calling attention to themselves "Hey, look at me...look what I can do!" I feel it is telling me that maybe I'm seeing myself as more important than I actually am at that time. No one likes a braggart and being humble is sometimes a lesson we learn the hard way.


I see this as someone who has gotten what they wanted, or what they thought they wanted (fame, notoriety, success, or achievement of some triumph); and they are basking in the moment. However, now that they have what they want, or have obtained the position they desired, they now have to carry out the plan they announced, fulfill the role expected, and make good on the promises offered in order to get there. Enjoy the moment, but get ready for the real life challenges and hang ups ahead, as your creative problem solving skills and personal strength will be tested.