Tarot of the Saints


Has anyone been so lucky as to have gotten their hands on the new 'Tarot of the Saints' deck? It is done by Robert Place, and is due out this month. I have yet to have come across it. I love Place's artistic style and also happen to have a great deal of interest in the Christian saints. I'm eager to hear anyone's first impressions of this new deck.

Knight of Swords

I actually picked up this deck last month. As a Christian, I definitely like the Christian imagery, and that's what initially drew me to it. Specifically, saints have always interested me. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I guess my reactions are kind of mixed.

The book that comes with the cards is good, but with one caveat -- several of the meanings of the cards are, um, different from the traditional meanings. This may present challenges for those who are used to the traditional meanings. Case in point -- the 8 of Staffs -- usually means action, but in this deck, it's related to not living up to one's potential, turning away opportunities, etc.

For me, the court cards are especially hard to read, but then again, they've always been the most difficult ones for me to read.

The majors remind you of icons or holy cards -- generally do a good job of relating particular saints to the archetypes represented by them. Some familiarity with the lives of the saints is especially helpful, but not necessary.

I did a few readings with this deck last night. They were pretty good, but I felt like a lot of themes kept repeating themselves in different cards.

I'll probably have more opinions later as I work with it more, but these are my initial impressions...mixed. I don't really know if I like this one or not yet.



Thankyou so much for the info about Tarot of the Saints. Keep me posted as you continue to explore this deck. Sounds as if it strays from traditional meaning quite a bit, which dismays me a little. I too am a Christian, and with so few Christian themed decks out there, I was really excited about this one! Keep working with this deck...Perhaps it will grow on you. I'll look forward to any more comments you might have regarding this deck. Thanks again for filling me in on your impressions of this deck. Take care.