Tarot of Vampyres: Kith and Kin


The thread for the chapter 'Kith and Kin' in the companion book
Jesii xxx


I laid out the cards for my shadow profile yesterday:

Dynasty Card
The Devil

Clan Card
Ace of Skulls
Order of the Witch

Bloodline Cards

Ancestry Card Bloodline Card Descendency Card
Two of Skulls Three of Skulls Four of Skulls

Vampyre Court
Court of the Queen of Skulls

Lady Iron Side

Dynasty Card - The Hierophant

Clan Card - Ace of Skulls

Bloodline Card - 5 of Skulls

Ancestry Card - 4 of skepters

Descendency Card - 6 of Skulls

Court Card - Prince of Skulls

Moon Card - Devil

Rising/Ascendant Card - Temperance


Dynasty Card - The Star

Clan Card - The Knife
The Orders of Counselors, Seers and Mystics

Bloodline Card - 5 of Knives

Ancestry Card - 4 of Knives

Descendency Card - 6 of Knives

Court Card - Prince of Knives

Moon Card - The Lovers

Rising/Ascendant Card - The Hermit


Sun Sign Dynasty: The Moon

Sun Sign Vampire Clan: Clan of the Grail
- Order of Illusionists

Sun Sign Ancestry Card: 9 of Grails

Sun Sign Bloodline Card: 10 of Grails

Sun Sign Decendancy Card: 2 of Scepters

Sun Sign Vampire Court: Court of the Queen of Scepters

Moon Sign Dynasty Card: Strength

Rising/Ascendant Sign Dynasty Card: The Devil


Dynasty Card: The Emperor

Vampyre Clan: the Scepter

Bloodline Card: Two of Scepters

Ancestry Card: Ten of Skulls

Descendency card: Three of Scepters

Vampyre court: Queen of Scepters

Ascendant sign card: the Chariot


Dynasty Card: Hierophant

Vampyre Clan: Skull

Bloodline Card: 5 of Skulls

Ancestry Card: 4 of Skulls

Descendency Card: 6 of Skulls

Vampyre Court: Prince of Skulls

Dynasty: Moon
Vampyre: Grail
Bloodline: 8 of Grail
Court: Lord of Grail

Dynasty: Emperor
Vampire: Sceptor
Bloodline: 3 of Sceptor
Court: Queen of Sceptor


I appreciate very much the approach Ian Daniels has taken with the Kith & Kin portrait. Leaving out the pure entertainment factor, he entwines your astrological influences with the cards in the deck and honestly, they have opened a much broader take on the kabbalistic and astrological influences through the vampyre mythology. I think this is an absolute must for anyone doing shadow work - or just wanting a deeper view into oneself.

Dynasty - the Lovers
Bloodline - Nine of Knives
Court - Lord of Knives

Moon Dynasty - Death
Moon Bloodline - Six of Grails

Rising Dynasty - Hermit
Rising Bloodline - Nine of Skulls


Hi I am hoping someone can help me with understanding the Ancestry, Bloodline and Descendency Cards.

Maybe its obvious but it wasn't clear in the book.

I get the Bloodline card but where abouts do the other 2 cards fit? Into this life, or your preceding life and your next life?

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