Tarot of Vampyres - The Ace of Skulls


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any threads that were open for any of the aces...??? I guess it might be that they seem so basic, but I've found with previous deck studies that they can hold more within them than meets the eye.

Just wanted to comment here that I pulled the Ace of Skulls for an ISG reading yesterday. The reading was to be done under low light conditions then under bright lights, like two seperate readings. When I pulled this card and read it by candle light, it was like the pentagram on the forehead jumped out at me.

This card spoke poetry to me. I LOVE the illustration of the pentagram on the forehead. Love it!


I don´t think they are basic at all but I find the Aces of this deck somehow very difficult to interpret. I must say that I´ve got very little about the Vampyres Aces in my notebook. Mostly just the usual very general observations that can be made of any Ace of Pentacles. I´ve got keywords such as: concrete nurturing, groundedness, trust, physical manifestation, form, result, birth..

I have been wondering if the way forward with all of these Aces would be to study each suit animal more carefully?

For Skulls it would be the Wolf: pathfinder, loyal, generous, intelligent, compassionate, quick-witted and friendly. They are very expressive both vocally and physically.
The wolf would might tell us to:
-care for the pack (family)
-leave your mark (as in creating something tangible, write, draw, paint)
-howl often (sing, make music, speak)
-hunt together with the pack (share activities with family and friends)
-care for the young
-eat, sleep, play and rest


I'm just adding a scan of the card.


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