Tarot Pink


This new design is awful! :(

I really find these borders, the name of the author and the text distracting. Why not just make an LWB. That is not that much work. The original images looked like the cards would just have nice little white borders. I liked it that way. I probably also wouldn't have backed it if I had seen this image earlier.

And I can imagine that with no full funding, they go for smaller cards. But with the borders this big, there will hardly be any space left for the images. Really a bad decision. And also really disrespectful to those who backed it and were promised a tarot sized deck. :mad:


I wonder what the artists who participated in this project think about it? I really do...


Well, hexi was one of them...

I am ok with smaller cards, as they didn't make their target, but I would have preferred white space to all the text...


Had I seen the mock-up of the finished product as opposed to what we were lead to believe was going to be on the cards, I wouldn't have backed the campaign. Good cause or not. This comes across as a case of bait and switch, and I can't believe that renowned tarot artists and authors are proud to be associated with something like that.


Agree with all of this. Exactly.


I have to admit I'm disappointed in the way this was handled. I picked a more expensive option due to the cause as well as the presentation I was led to believe that I would receive. The smaller size is one thing that perhaps can be attributed to the goal not being met but to change or misrepresent how the layout would be is another. It really does appear to change the feel of the deck. I hope I am wrong.


If this had been any other purchase for any other product, I would've asked for a refund already and given the whole amount to charity.

Such a shame that the unanimous response of the people (here on AT at least) who funded the project, is being ignored.

When the funding stage finished, and they realised that they had to save some money somehow, they should've consulted the funders about the changes before going to print, then they would've had a lovely (smaller) deck to do justice to the hard work of the artists, and kept everyone happy.

By creating a 'meditation and daily draw' type deck, they have cut off an avenue of advertising- if tarot readers don't/can't use this deck for readings in public because of the size and huge block of text, then our readees who are potential buyers won't get to see it, which is a shame because this deck is now aimed more at them anyway!

Unfortunately the way this has been handled means that future charity projects may suffer because of what people experienced here.


I guess I'm not too worked up about it, personally--I paid for the deck months back, and have pretty much no expectations. I figured it supported a charitable cause, and to be frank, many of the images did not attract me personally, simply due to the sheer volume + diversity of them, and that's okay to me. I don't have to like everything that I see or that happens in a deck in order for it to maybe work great for me--won't know until I try it. *shrug* I figured it might get given away, or used for something or other, or I might spontaneously love it, and whichever way, it didn't really matter to me. It's just some folks trying to do a good thing, or even a perhaps-self-aggrandising thing, and it just doesn't matter to me what it looks like. Whether I like it or not, I can write it off as a professional or charitable expense if I feel like that will do something--maybe those who are grumpy about it can do that too and somehow feel better...? Just a different viewpoint...


I am with donnalee on this one. Not an especially expensive deck and also a good cause. If I don't use it, well, there are quite a few decks that I have don't use. And what the hey, maybe I'll like/love it.


Yes, we're all being very charitable in saying it doesn't matter, because it's for charity, but actually it does matter. I bet the artists gave their time and talents in the hope that it would raise LOTS of money for the cause. Potentially it could have been a great deck, not a 'meh, I'll leave it in the cupboard' deck. The fact that it didn't reach the funding goal, and now the changes haven't thrilled everyone is not good, because it means the talents of the artists concerned haven't been well used. It means that the marketing and production did not appeal to enough people.

If the customer's views were taken into account and a border-less bigger version was produced next, then they might raise more money in the future. This could be a deck which stays in production for years to come and raises a whole lot more money, instead of people not using or buying the decks.

It's still not too late to get this deck into the awesome shape it could be. :)


I think they should have kept some things in mind. Some people may buy a deck for meditation and daily draw. Others will buy a deck to read with it, and in that case, the extra text will be too distracting. And then the third party buys this deck for the artwork (yes, that is me). And then smaller cards really are a big disappointment, as the artwork will be much less visible. Especially with these borders.

Also, yes, it is for a good cause. But that doesn't mean you don't have some responsibility to your backers. I agree with earthair. When it is not fully funded, why not consult your backers in how you will proceed.