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Oh I think it will - I think I've had a shipping notice. But I wasn't expecting extra charges....

ETA - indeed shipped from the GameCrafter on 29/09


Oh I think it will - I think I've had a shipping notice. But I wasn't expecting extra charges....

ETA - indeed shipped from the GameCrafter on 29/09

Oh well. But wait - were you a backer ? I'd expect BACKER decks to be sent by the person running the campaign...

Indeed, in future before I back ANYTHING I shall ask if they are using TGC, to be honest. Because the customs thing is such a pain, and printerstudio does it so much better !


Yes I was - so as I say, if it's got charges on it as well they can jolly well have it back :)


Rodney that (anon) comment is still visible on the project page, I just logged in to check the status of my order. I thought it was a very fair comment about they look like artists calling cards :) sad the person got that response!

Everyone seems to be really quite positive about the majority of the art and that is the saving grace for me, with the layout. But GameCrafter! ugh! this was never advertised as part of the project. All my crowd sourced decks before this were dispatched by the artist themselves. I will be so mad if I get customs charges! I hadn't had mine dispatched yet, no email yet but it's soon according to the first email I got :(


I was a backer gregory, mine came from Game Crafter.


I was a backer gregory, mine came from Game Crafter.
Curses gently. WHY did they not use printerstudio... PLEASE let there be no charges as I am not actually there to pay them, so the deck will be returned to sender anyway :(


I backed it (as already stated) and my two shipping notices came from GameCrafter this morning. I feel for those who will end up paying even more in duties for this deck.

Judging by his response to the person who'd rather remain anonymous, Mr. Leong doesn't take criticism well and therefore isn't learning anything from this debacle. I know the fine folks here at Aeclectic have a reputation for being tough (some would say rough), but I can't believe that we're the only ones voicing displeasure over the finished product. And instead of attacking those who backed his project and are voicing opinions about it that he doesn't like, he should be listening and taking notes in case he's ever in charge of another big project like this. Cause those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them....



No charges on a single deck - customs label states value at £14.13.
Nasty little grey bag which is too small for deck.
Cards not quite as dreadful as I feared - the brighter colours of the artwork keeps your eye away from the text box somewhat. The images are gorgeous - I'm happy even with work by artists whose style is such that I wouldn't chose a whole deck of their work (we all have our preferences after all). But in this mix, it's okay.
The LWB actually has colour printing, both on the cover and inside. A simple list of contributors and their main addys could surely have gone inside.

Still a really sad outcome, when could have been so much better. I shall avoid anything with that person's hand on again :(

I shall seriously consider trimming - and from me, that's really saying something! I NEVER trim.


Yup, no customs charges for me either! :) In fact they've marked it Customs exempt so gregory can rest easy now!

The size of the grey bag is curious :D But... it fits my Mystical Lenormand perfectly :thumbsup:

I now realize that they did email me last week about dispatch, but because it went to my junk folder, I had never heard of Endicia and the email had a link to give them my details, I had thought it was phishing!

The artwork is stunning and as the backs aren't reversible due to that fatter cloud :joke:, I'll be trimming soon. It's going to make a lovely reading deck with the artists' names and websites removed.

Favourite cards? Ace, 4 + 5 cups, 3 + 6 wands, 6 + 8 coins, Moon Justice Star and Magician.


I had no dispatch email but the deck came today out of the blue! same as Earthair and Pathwalker, it has a customs amount that was low! so escaped customs (thank goodness!). The value of the merchandise is $14.13 on mine which is well below the £16 minimum (I think that's the current threshold) for customs, yay! :thumbsup:

I took a pic of the box for you Gregory and the deck inside. The plastic bag it comes in is probably more use for storing than the grey bag :) One weird quirk is they put a copyright on the backs but because it's reversible they put it on both ends! lol

I know we are critical and can be negative on AT, we are tarotistas and demand perfection! :D But I wanted to look at the cards and make my own mind up. I still think it's a fair criticism of the decisions taken on this deck, they were wrong! The calling cards at the bottom was a bad decision, like copyright twice on the backs. It shows the decision making of someone who has no regard for the love of tarot or actually using it (if that makes sense). However I do love the majority of the art and I think I will be able to read from this deck as an intuitive reader! The art is big enough and like Alta said, the cards are bigger than you think. The original size proposed must have been HUGE, this is no poker size. I think I can read from it with the rubbish at the bottom of each card. It draws your eye to the web addresses and sometimes email in that line ugh! The cards are a good stock but the bottom card of the deck has slightly bent for me during transit. These are not the most flimsy cards I own but I think they could be bent if you use them a lot. I can flatten that one out anyway :)

Benebell Wen pointed out two important things in the review on her blog. One is that the majors are not numbered which is going to be a pain for tarot beginners and if you were to gift the deck to someone. Also the names are different and the deck comes random from the printer so the major arcana could be hard to figure out. Also there is a printing error in the LWB and the major arcana pages are not in the right order. The last page with Transition / Temperance / Devil / Tower / Star comes after the World page. But I hope people can figure that out.

But for all the criticisms and bad decisions, some of the card art is lovely! I am glad to have backed this! I love Roxi's Temperance (she knows I adore her art anyway :heart:), the cards are not the same as the original decks they are new art. Roxi's Temperance in this is smiling and the Pearls of Wisdom Temperance seems less smiling, more solemn or in thought. She also did the 10 of Cups. Ash's gorgeous two cards which in a simple colour palette are stunning. Ciro's Magician, Benebell's Card, Major Tom's lovely 9 of Cups (it shows a person blowing a dandelion, quite whimsical) and also there is some artists that I haven't discovered yet on my tarot journey. I like Emily Carding's Sun (it has a unicorn! :thumbsup:). Some of the other cards are not so great and look like bad photo montages, the AT collaboration deck and Gregory's deck does that far better! But I think I can do readings with this deck and that shocked me!

It's a good collection of cards for a good cause, it could have been even better with proper direction of the project! I am glad to have backed it now! It would look better with the bottoms cut off ;) I think I would even recommend this deck but it could have been better!

attached is some snaps for those who don't have it already :)

ETA: earthair, found the dispatch email from two days ago in my email in the end, mine came from indigogo, also I think those clouds are symmetrical? the large cloud has two and is the same which ever way you have the card.


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