Tarot Pink


I think it was my mind that was warped . . .

You are all encouraging me to try again. Thanks! After payday, I'll give it another shot!


You should use a cutting machine. That way this can't happen. Good luck next time.


OH yes it can - and once you have messed up with a trimmer - there is no way back. ALL my trimming disasters have been with a machine.

I just trimmed one with scissors, It looks really rather good. But I put a small nick in the Page Wands - and it looks good enough otherwise that I'm rather cross.

It also fits in the grey bag now ! Result !

Well at least if the bag is too small, it gives me a good excuse to get out the scissors
First person the trim the deck and get it to fit in the bag wins a prize?!

So - what do I get ?


Is it just me who wishes they could just do cancer and not breast cancer? I had thought about this one but then there were the other issues too.


iPad app?

Has anyone heard when the app will be available? The campaign said July 2015 but the campaign seems to have gone dark.