TAROT & Planetary Ritual: SATURN


Tanga- thank you for a very interesting insight into what you do. :livelong:

I think I remember you saying you have Book of Shadows as Above? What do you think about using the Saturn card / 6 Fire?

YES. :) - though it might take me a little to get over the label of 'Fire' under it.
Interesting deck huh? Aces are quite interesting to be used as the 4 quarters...
I looked, and thought about best visual representations of Saturn/Kronos from all the decks I have - and came up with these 3 including your suggestion:

1) 6 of Fire - The Book of Shadows, volume 1, as Above.
2) A:47, Saturno - Mantegna Tarot (not a tarot format as we know it - it has 50 cards numbered 1-50, with 5 categories. Images are Renaissance engravings. It's silver foiled and beautiful. The black parts you can see are actually the silver foil - it's come out black in the scan).
3) 21 - Earth. Therapy Tarot deck by Steve Hounsome. (This deck is made entirely of photographs of nature).

So... Looks like The Book of Shadows is staying in my collection after all for magick.
And - I'm just delighting in the re-discovery of my Mantegna deck. :D.


Thanks for sharing! :)