Tarot Posters?


I was looking about for a poster featuring a complete deck (Thoth of course:), but could not find one.

Do they exist, and if not , perhaps one of the excellent artists about these parts could contact publishers about creating such things. (Imagine one printed on cork?...you could chuck Darts at it to gain readings)

just an idea.


The only tarot poster I've seen, that could be considered close to what you are looking for, is one by Niki-De St Phalle (THE artist that has done the fountain near Pompidou center in Paris). There you can see all the characters together, but they don't appear as cards. It's also Major Arcana, only... has white backgroundf, and seems as if the characters are floating on it! (in her naive style...)

Other than that , i think your idea about the cork, is GREAT! maybe yiou can copywrite it?
I doubt though that publishers will go for it...It's different target market to them, as well as display possitioning and so on...
and they have become SO difficult with all of us being so inspired , and producing great art!

One suggestion for you: maybe get a deck of your favor,glue them nicely, and frame it? It will be reasonably priced, and you can add some "personal touch" to it too!



I got 2 posters (Viskonti and RW)from a tarot publishing house as a gift when I went to the book fair at Frankfurt last year.

Maybe you can ask in a book store because in Germany book stores get sometimes such stuff from the publishing houses for advertizing.